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A Passion for your Business?

Featuring one of our Admins ~ Hey Faith
Featuring one of our Admins ~ Hey Faith
Mount Real Forum

Was having a tea with a couple of friends the other day and as usual a business discussion broke out. One runs a successful local pub; the other has an import export business that he is setting up after coming back to Montreal from a long stint in Italy.

While getting the Import business going…which takes time as you have to develop relationships and move physical products, not all of which come by plane, he started a side venture.

Why? I asked him. He responded: “It is a Passion” and with very little prodding he went out to explain to me the basics of his business and outline his marketing plan all at the same time.

He knew some guys that did a similar business in Italy, but after discussing a joint venture, realized that there are some major differences between the Italian and North American markets. Language being an obvious one, but another was choice. In North American we are spoiled with choice. Not only do we have a market leader and a significant 2nd, we also have an array of regional players that are all striving to become a leader.

That competition breeds competition, innovation and a dynamic choice for consumers. So finding a niche is a must for almost all new (and existing) ventures. His niche was pretty simple. Satisfy the huge and growing demand for adult and erotic products, while doing it with a little Discretion.

It was such a powerful idea that it gave rise to the naming of the business, the website, and the tag line: Discretion is a passion.
While the business is all for sharing, between partners, between writers and readers, between photographers and viewers…it also believes in certain discretion. Luigi Giotto, explained it this way: “much of what you see is a little vulgar, it does not have to be vulgar to show its passion.”

That made perfect sense. He went on to explain that people want to share with their partner, but not necessarily with nosey neighbors, colleagues, or acquaintances. Facebook and other social media have pushed some people a little too far. Hence the needs for a company like DiscretionSX in a multi-billion dollar industry.
We like the take like: Discretion is a passion

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