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A paranormal profile of horror icon, Dan Curtis

Dan Curtis was creator of "Dark Shadows"
Dan Curtis was creator of "Dark Shadows"
Wiki: Dark Shadows

Dan Curtis a name that sounds familiar to horror fans and for the general public, those who remember his non-horror mini-series like, "The Winds of War." That mini-series was nominated for 4 Emmys! But that didn't stop there, he also directed the mini-series, "War and Remembrance," which had 15 Emmy nominations to its name.

While that's all in good, we're looking more at his contribution to horror, which there is plenty too look at.

Curtis gave us one of the most popular Gothic Soap Operas of our time, "Dark Shadows." "Dark Shadows," was a Soap Opera that looked at the rich Collins family, what made it different than the others of its time was there its plots with vampires, ghosts, witches, and other strange beings. The show still is popular to fans of the genre.

Another show that is still popular to fans of horror is "Kolchak: The Night Stalker." The show was about a reporter in Chicago that always found the strange side of the world. While the show was created by Jerry Rice, Dan Curtis produced the TV movie, "The Night Stalker."

He was known for his TV movies also, just to name a few: "Trilogy of Terror," "Bram Stoker's Dracula," "Scream of the Wolf," "Turn of the Screw" (that one starred Lynn Redgrave) and the vampire TV movie, "The Norliss Tapes."

While he worked a lot in TV, but Curtis did have his work shown on the big screen, here's a list of some movies that he directed: "Burnt Offerings," the ghost story that Bette Davis starred in, "House of Dark Shadows," a movie about the TV series, and "Night of Dark Shadows," is another movie that was based on the popular series.

In other words according to IMDb, Curtis produced 34 things, directed 35 things, and was credited as the writer for 11 things.

So that is just a look at the man behind some of the most terrifying TV movies and weirdest TV shows. A name that shouldn't be forgotten to horror fans!

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