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A painless new way to give to causes you care about - Selfless

Homelessness is just one of the causes you can help
Homelessness is just one of the causes you can help
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Learned about Selfless today and am excited about this new and nearly painless way to give to a charity of your choice. For retired baby boomers on a fixed budget, it can be hard to find extra funds to donate, even though we might really want to help. So donating a small amount each month is a cool idea for fitting your charitable giving into a tight financial situation. And even if you're flush, it's still easy to do.

I recognize the format because I'm already giving on a monthly basis to support WTTW, our local PBS station. I set up a very small auto-payment on a credit card that goes automatically to WTTW every month. Kind of like paying the monthly fee to Netflix or Pandora - both of which are also services I wouldn't want to live without - but cheaper.

Selfless is the brainchild of a young man who has a vision of people helping people. The only problem I had when looking at the signup area was picking just one of the charities. There are many I'd like to help. I found out, though, that you can change which charity you give to any or every month - so in other words, you're not locked in to giving only to a single cause.

Sign up is free. The monthly amount is $9, and 80 percent of that goes directly to your charity. What's not to like? Causes include support and help for homelessness, street kids, cancer families, abandoned pets, academic assistance for high-potential, low-income women, police officers, and more.

They're having a big intro party in Chicago on March 20th. More details when I get them.