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A pagan perspective on school shootings

Shouldn't it be a safe zone?
Shouldn't it be a safe zone?
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It seems like every other day there is news of another shooting at a school. These tragedies are no longer even considered noteworthy by major media, they are so common. People argue about the cause and about the cure. Is it a mental health issue? A gun control issue? Both the cause and the cure are multifaceted, but at the base of it all it comes down to people and our interconnectedness.

Almost every single shooting has one thing in common, there were warning signs for people who ere paying attention. The problem was that even when people did pay attention they did not act strongly and decisively enough to stop the bloodshed. Even when the police were warned about the threatening youtube videos prior to the Isla Vista, CA shooting, they walked away from an interview with the future murderer saying he seemed like a nice guy. How big of red flag do we need to acknowledge that someone might be a danger to themselves and others?

Society has grown so large and disconnected that we have forgotten how to be there for each other. It is no longer a culture of small towns where everyone knows everyone else and what everyone else is doing. In some ways the growth is good leading to more opportunities and better technology, but at the same time people fall through the cracks, are lost and alone in the crowd, and some turn into killers.

Pagans tend to view the world as an interconnected whole and the concept of personal responsibility is a common theme among most paths. It is the entire concept behind spell work, the belief that intention can cause manifestation, that an individual's thoughts and actions can literally change the world. Individual actions have a ripple effect growing out and affecting the world. The closer to the original action the stronger the ripple. It is the people and events closest to you that you have the most effect on.

“It takes a village to raise a child” is a very true saying, but it does not end when the child grows up. It takes a village to be a healthy society. People need to look out for one another. If everyone wears blinders and never looks up from their digital reality to see the people around them, shootings like these will keep happening. Each individual needs to step up and open their eyes, ears, and hearts and reach out when they have any inkling that someone is hurting to the point of breaking. One person can make a difference. Choose the world you want to live in.