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A novel inspired by the world’s greatest black ballerinas

Blue Butterfly

Precious Blue Johnson is a young and naïve girl who is leaving Lutts County, Georgia for New York in hopes of finding her birth father. But this is not her only goal when she sets on her journey. What she is truly hoping for is to make history by becoming the world’s first black ballerina. However, the world she wants to conquer with her passion and talent may not be ready for a black ballerina.

‘Blue Butterfly’ will be released on April 4, 2014. In writing it, Marian L. Thomas took her inspiration from the real life stories of the most influential black ballerinas who managed to make everyone see their talent above all, and not judge them on the color of their skin. Moreover, it is not a coincidence that the novel will come out on April 4, this being the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The author even introduced a connection between his death and her main character, showing how it touched the life of a young and promising white ballerina – Anya Duport –, who is actually Precious Blue’s mother.

On her path to success, Blue will have to face many obstacles, but she will also make friends and find true love. She will be guided by the wise Ms. Ann, and she will fall in love with the alluring Ray Silvers. Ray is handsome, intelligent, willing to love her completely, and he is also going to become a brilliant doctor. At first sight, it might seem that nothing can stand in the way of their love. But Ray has a dark past. Will his drug-addicted mother really destroy their relationship, or will Blue and Ray overcome this hardship as well?

‘Blue Butterfly’ is a heart-warming novel filled with romance, secrets, betrayal, and forgiveness, written in Marian L. Thomas’s unique style. Thomas might be the first African American pioneer of contemporary women’s clean fiction. She has always refused to introduce explicit erotic scenes in her novels, stating that her goal is to offer the readers ‘a refreshing and engaging dramatic story that revolves around strong female characters’. Her books, ‘My Father’s Colors’ and ‘Strings of Color’, both received the USA Best Book Finalist Award, and ‘Blue Butterfly’ is expected to be at least as brilliant as her previous novels.

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