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A no cost way you can increase scholarship funds for Christian education

The school entrance or the school exit
The school entrance or the school exit
By Randy Pope

If you have been keeping up with the Akron Politics and Religion page you will have noticed that a major theme is the idea of a distinctly Christian education. You can go back and read the articles on Noah Webster's Distinctly Christian education system, Gerhard Groote the founder of Christian education, the comparison of the religion of state education to a Christ centered education. Some of the activities of Ohioans for Educational Freedom has been chronicled here and here. One of the most popular posts from the Akron Politics and Religion Examiner addressed the need for Christians to exodus the government education system, and a follow up to that details some suggestions for how you can help facilitate that exodus. This post will offer another painless way to help fund scholarships for Christian education.

In three different years the folks at Akron Politics and Religion Examiner have contributed about $500, in each of the three years to a scholarship for Christian students at the Good Shepherd School, located in The Chapel in Marlboro, in Louisville, Ohio, just south of Akron. You can assist in keeping this tradition going and growing. Helping kids receive a distinctly Christian education is a passion for the Akron Politics and Religion Examiner. You can be sure that as this page succeeds assistance for Christian schools will grow.

You can help us grow the Akron Politics and Religion page by just taking a few simple steps. First you can subscribe to the Akron Politics and Religion Examiner by clicking the subscribe button at the top of the home page. Second, you can take just a minute each day to share an article to your social networks. Though Christian education is a major focus it is not the only topic addressed in these pages. You can certainly find articles that will be of interest to you and your network of friends. Every page view here increases the visibility and success of the Akron Politics and Religion Examiner page. That success will translate into more resources available to fund scholarships to Christian schools.

You may also wish to make a direct contribution to a Christian school. You may know of a Christian student who needs help funding his Christian education. By all means help him, or her. If you do not know of a student who needs assistance you can send a contribution to the Good Shepherd School Scholarship fund. Just make your tax deductible check payable to Good Shepherd School Scholarship fund and mail it to Good Shepherd School, C/O The Chapel in Marlboro, 8700 Edison St. NE, PO Box 169, Louisville, OH 44641.

Thank you for your concern for the education of Christian students in the Akron area. By banding with like minded brothers and sisters in Northeast Ohio a generation of students will grow up with a Christ centered focus. The state will never willingly give back the responsibility for parents and the church to educate children. You can, however, help the Akron Politics and Religion Examiner take back that responsibility for the church with just a little effort each day.

By clicking here you will be taken to the Akron Politics and Religion home page where you will find the subscribe button at the top of the page. Click the subscribe button to be alerted each time new content is published.

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