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A night with Austin's best: a recap of The Parish line up Friday, May 21


The Canvas Waiting

The Parish on 6th St. is one of downtown Austin's premiere club venues, and the show hosted there Friday, May 21st showed why. The bill consisted of a Dallas band and the rest being bands hailing from right here in Austin. See photos of this event here.

Here is a recap of the night.

Paco Estrada and One Love-

Dallas band Paco Estrada and One Love kicked off the night with a passionate delivery. With an undeniable sound, Paco and the band let their voice be heard through their set gaining the attention of everybody present and setting the tone for the entire night.

The Canvas Waiting-

Austin band The Canvas Waiting kicked off the Austin portion of the line up. This was the first time seeing Austin Music Examiner to see The Canvas Waiting. Unfortunately the impression made left a little to be desired. The band was good musically, and had great songs, but the live performance left AME missing something that would take the band top notch.

Suite 709-

One of the most original bands seen, Suite 709 combines rock, soul, hip hop, and many other genres into one package. This was the band's first, full official debut, and they came to stay. The biggest note about Suite 709's set was the dancing going on, which gained the band big props for crowd pleasing. Paco Estrada set the tone for the night, and Suite 709 raised the bar another notch. A fantastic deliverance leaving proof of an Austin gem born.

Eyes Burn Electric-

Eyes Burn Electric came to the stage full force. Highlights of Eyes Burn Electric were not only the impressive deliverance of originals, but fantastic covers of "Billy Jean" and "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight".  Overall, a well done set from this Austin band.

Mothers Anthem-

As mentioned previously in an earlier article from Austin Music Examiner, Austin band Mothers Anthem came to the stage with something to prove. Like Eyes Burn Electric, Mothers Anthem came out swinging with everything they had, and they proved that they are a band diserving of every success they achieve. As always the band performed a top notch, highly electric set that included a two song encore called for by chanting fans. Mothers Anthem is a Austin Music Examiner top pick, and is there to stay. It is highly recommended you check out this hometown favorite, along with the four other talented bands that joined Mothers Anthem at The Parish.

For information on these bands click here.

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