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A Night at the Asylum Gallery and Performing Arts Studio!

With ceilings 18 feet high, creating a larger than life environment for astonishing performances, Asylum Gallery and Performing Arts Studio is one of the most welcoming platforms for audience and performers to come together as family. Founded in November of 2013 by Mike "Rooster" Liburdi and extreme performance extraordinaire Ella Vulgara, this exhibit brings artists of all types who are most unlikely to perform on stage together and place them center stage to their adoring fans. Each weekend has a multitude of different revues such as Spoken Word, Open Mic and Life Drawing. Saturdays bring a little extra flare and a little more extreme to the stronger stomachs with such exhibitions as Flesh Pull, Suspension, and Fire Performances.

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Ella Vulgara
Weekend exhibits with unique and culture driven performances
Ella Vulgara

After first officially opening on January 11th, 2014, Asylum Gallery and Performing Arts Studio has been able to build on their dream and open 3 days a week by adding to the schedule of events with exciting accompaniments, such as acquiring Yoga with Jay Graves on Thursday night's. Another added bonus to the Studio's Friday and Saturday nights is in-house DJ Moondancer with his addictive light shows and projection screen for more thrilling experiences. Events have been added to the future schedule for Asylum Gallery and Performing Arts Studio especially on Saturdays including Chemical Warfare, Slavery Abolishment and Witchcraft.

Admission varies between the days with Yoga on Thursdays for $15, events on Friday are $5 and Saturday night exhibits are for $10. So if you are looking for something different and exciting to bring to your life then you must check this studio out. For a complete schedule of events and more information for Asylum Gallery and Performing Arts Studio please visit: