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A nice little airplane from S. Africa

Quite impressive - the Sling by The Aircraft Factory
Quite impressive - the Sling by The Aircraft Factory
The Airplane Factory

Yes, there is a very nice little plane made in South Africa. The freedom of flight is a feeling that has been sought by many for over a hundred years and you ache to know and understand why so many chose to risk everything to pursue this love. In South Africa is this desire not different than in other parts of the world.

"A love of freedom, a love of flying through the skies without worry, a love and a passion for the ability to do so. This love has steered many men and women to learn the art of flight and become full-fledged aviators. No plane encompasses this love like The Airplane Factory Sling", the manufacturer's information says.

"With its sexy, yet aggressive lines made from rugged aluminum and its modern technological advantages the Sling looks the way an airplane should and flies even better! It can go anywhere and do anything, from landing on small backcountry airstrips to flying long cross-country flights with its 800+ nautical mile range to being the perfect trainer aircraft with its robust landing gear", this is the wording how the Airplane Factory markets their planes.

According to aviation experts, this airplane masterfully conquers the performance, safety, and affordability matrix known to be of much concern to many pilots. If you’re interested in exploring the vastness of the skies and learning about your world from above, then there’s no better aircraft for that purpose!

Location: The Airplane Factory is located at Tedderfield Airpark in Johannesburg, as part of the Gauteng province of South Africa. The factory itself is an entire Hangar Complex on the airfield that encompasses approximately 31,000 sq ft. The Hangars house the assembly line for Sling 2 & Sling 4 production. Factory offices are also located within the Hangar.

According to modern production techniques, the factory is using CNC presses and routers for all cutting and punching of the aluminum sheets. They also have a brand new spray booth for all paint work. There is a full-time staff of about 75 people and the complex includes all the amenities necessary for the production of high-quality Slings.

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