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A next step in refrigerator storage

San DIegans can make the most out of their refrigerator storage with a Whirpool refrigerator.
San DIegans can make the most out of their refrigerator storage with a Whirpool refrigerator.
Adam Benjamin

Having favorite foods at hand in a large storage 28 cubic foot refrigerator is not just an experiment in refrigerator design. Whirpool offers its 4 door French door refrigerator with a guarantee of flexible storage.

The "most flexible storage," they say.

San DIegans in need of both large storage space for bulk items and compartments in teh right place for fruits and vegetables, and cold drinks, can find a deal at popular Whirpool retailers in San Diego--The Home Depot on Sports Arena Boulevard, a Sears store, or Dixieline Lumber in La Mesa. MicroEdge shelves protect against spill damage inthe home on shelves that give a buyer 25 percent more shelf space.

One of the refrigerators a person can stuff among Whirool's set of French, side by side, and bottom freezer refrigerators. "Roomy," one customer reviewer said. Taking the offer on the 4 door refrigerator can, Whirpool says, add the cold storage to a Whirpool kitchen collection--stove, hood oven, range, and dishwasher--that "brings a sense of balance to everyday kitchen lives."

The Tri-Freezer system stays "spacious" behind the bottom drawer on the 70 inch by 35 inch refrigerator that comes in onochromatic stainless steel, white, or black ice. An EasySLide bin comes out of the middle door compartment. An industry exclusive.

Bulk food buys, an small snacks and produce, all have a storage space that fits. Whirpool tells customers the refrigerator has the "perfect place to store" cold otems.

The FreshStor refrigerated door has the temprature controls used to cool frequently used items at ready to eat temperatures. TripleCrisper drawers and small compartments, at the bottom of the large double door shelf storage space, keep the fresh foods easy to find.

Whirpool's 6th Sense Live Technology opens up away from home app control possibilities. Time to count up the food storage habits the national company makes available at close retail locations throughout San Diego.

THis is the first article in this three article piece for American Enterprise Sequels on Thursdays.

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