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A new you in the New Year

Welcoming change in 2014
Welcoming change in 2014
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images

New Year is the time of beginnings. Often this time is marked as a joyful deliverance to a new life, a new path.

Everyone feels the power of motivation flowing through them right now, resolute that this time they will achieve completion for their goals.

It is up to everyone to fertilize the ground for their own rebirth, however. Everything changes, life is not static. No one exists in a vacuum. We all need to emerge from our chrysalis state at some point in our lives to grow and fulfil God’s plan for us.

By clearing out the old in your life you will discover you are also releasing your uncertainty. Maybe the future you requires you to free yourself from a relationship or some bad habits that are currently bogging you down?

Don’t fret about change. Sure movement can be scary, timely movement can lead you out of danger though. It is all about perspective.

If you are trying to improve yourself in 2014, here is some advice. Stay centered and grounded. Don’t put on airs. Don’t forget yourself in times of success and behave recklessly. Free yourself from unwanted influences. Always look for the humor in a situation. Most of all, open to the Will of Heaven and await your deliverance to a new path with calm certainty.

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