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A new you is waiting to be born

Who am I
Who am I
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Saturday, April 26, 2014: It's a my way or the highway sort of day, but take a cool and easy going approach, as a matter of fact, moderation in all things is advised... the less said or done the better right now. Best to slow down, get quiet, listen to your intuition and recommit yourself to yourself.

But who are you?

Take a moment to pause and reflect on the fact that the "you" you were yesterday is not the "you" you are today... and the "you" you are today is not the "you" you will be tomorrow. Who "you are" is an ongoing process. Don't let yesterday's "you" stop you from becoming the "you" you'll be tomorrow. Summon up a sense of courage and wonder, because a new you is waiting to be born.

Today's Quote

It makes perfect sense to seek a deeper sense of self. To become intimately aware of your thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears is obviously advisable. The key is to engage your sense of self as malleable, more like a willow tree than a sturdy oak. The willow is flexible and survives the storm as it bends with the wind, whereas the more rigid oak is more likely to crack.

The universe purportedly exists in a state of flowing potential. And it is essential to understand that we are indeed part of that universe. The goal then is to access that potential, keeping the parts of our identity that continue to serve us well and shedding the old, habitual pieces that constrain us. This process is known as positive disintegration. This permits us to find balance between the extremes previously discussed and enter into a relationship with self that commits to our personal evolution. ~ Mel Schwartz, L.C.S.W. A Shift of Mind

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