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A New Year's resolution to keep

Here’s the truth of the matter: I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I tend to save up all my spiritual and behavioral modification work for Lent. But if there’s one single thing to work on this year -- all 365 days of it – remembering to breathe probably is it.

  • When we tense up, we forget to breathe.
  • When we run into someone we aren’t comfortable being around, we forget to breathe.
  • When we are in pain, we don’t breathe.
  • When we are nervous, we hold our breath.

Not breathing is one of the most unhelpful actions we can take for ourselves. We cut off essential oxygen to our brain and other vital organs, putting our entire body into a state of stress. And we do this at precisely the times we need to be functioning at our peak. That’s only the physiological side. From a spiritual standpoint, we aren’t taking in the positive energy that surrounds us, the energy of God in which we live and move and have our being. We are denying ourselves the healing that is all around us and is our birthright as children of a living, loving God.

So, beloved, if you have to make a resolution, please make it to breathe. Just a simple in-and-out, inhale,exhale. Nothing complicated. And if you need to add a prayer to that, just whisper to yourself,

“May I be more loving…may I not be afraid to be kind in this blessed New Year.”

What could be better? Let me know how it goes.


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