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A New Year's resolution every bride-to-be should add to the list


In a few short days it will be 2010. It will be the beginning of a new year and hopefully a fantastic one for many. With the upcoming year couples, brides, grooms, husbands and wives are making resolutions that will change each as a whole or on an individual level. Brides-to-be should keep something in mind Joan Rivers told her daughter Melissa Rivers before getting married.

For those who do not remember Joan Rivers wanted her daughter to have a magical, fairy tale wedding. This wedding icluded 100 white Birch trees and a gown for Melissa River’s that was fit for royalty. The Vera Wang gown adorned with ornate gold embroidery had  the groom’s family crest embroidered onto a magnificent billowing ball gown  train.  Creating the memory of a winter wonderland for her daughter was accompanied with Joan’s wisdom. She passed on great pieces of advice but this one is a favorite.

If it's a choice between cooking or cleaning or looking good, go get that facial. No man ever made love to a woman because she kept a clean house.'

So this year, when things get crazy and hectic remember to take care of yourself. This doesn't only work for women but for men, too.  There is nothing wrong with a couple taking a little time out of a busy schedule to be pampered.

Here’s to you and happy New Year!

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  • Bobbi Leder - Houston Dogs Examiner 5 years ago

    Happy New Year!

  • Amanda C. Strosahl 5 years ago

    Joan is a smart woman, though I still love my clean house. lol

    Indianapolis Healthy Living Examiner
    Sims Examiner

  • F. White 5 years ago

    I'll take a pretty woman any day I can clean my own house. Great article.

  • Rachel Ellis ~ Jacksonville Celebrity Headlines Ex 5 years ago

    Truer words were never spoken, what a great quote!