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A New Year, Means New Rules

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If you owe the Internal Revenue Service taxes. You need to be aware that there are new rules. If you’re filing something called an Offer in Compromise, which is a reduction in taxes in you owe, the user fee is now been increased to $186. Last year it was only $150. If you pay your taxes and installments with an Installment Agreement the user fee has been increased from $105 to $120.

The change in fees, is due to the overwhelming amount of Offers in Compromise, and Installment Agreements. The Internal Revenue Service, is responding to Congress’s demands to run a more efficient system. Tax Resolution Companies across the nation file Offers in Compromise at a record pace. Whether or not the taxpayer qualifies for that program. The increasing user fees, is meant to curb that practice by these companies. Our company Tax Crisis Center® LLC, will not file Offers in Compromise unless the taxpayer that were working with, qualifies for that program. That’s what sets us apart from other Tax Resolution Companies. The reason tax resolution companies file these claims, is because they charge an arm and a leg to do so.

Our company Tax Crisis Center®, LLC is on top of all of these changes. There are other factors that go into the choice of an Offer in Compromise, or an Installment Agreement. If you do owe the IRS taxes, let us know and we can work something out with them.

Craig W Smalley, EA, CEP®, CTRS®

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Certified Estate Planner™

Certified Tax Resolution Specialist™

Tax Crisis Center® LLC

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