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A new year, a new you - well-being solutions and inspiration for 2014

For billions around the world the calendar has signaled that it's time to begin marking a new year. Millions of people choose to resolve to make the new year one in which they make positive changes in their lives and accomplish personal goals. This desire for personal improvement is commendable, yet many people seem to find themselves a year later with limited progress toward what they sought to accomplish. Good intentions are helpful to get one started on a path toward progress, however there are other elements needed to help you reach your goals.

If you desire to create or achieve something new then you often need to let go of something "old." It could be old habits, old possessions, old relationships, old beliefs, or old regrets. If you find that you aren't making progress toward goals in the new year you may wish to examine your life and see what is holding you back or weighing you down. The less baggage you have the further you can go, using the same amount of energy/fuel.

Are your goals really your own goals and desires, or just what other people have told you and convinced you will be good for you? Sometimes we are trying to fulfill someone else's notions of what will bring happiness and success. If we are going against our own Soul's desires and aspirations we are likely to feel resistance. Take time to meditate on what is truly of meaning and value to yourself, whether or not it conforms to the beliefs and expectations of others.

Do you have the knowledge and skills that are essential to accomplish what you wish to? Many times we desire things in our lives that require us to take steps to become capable of achieving what we dream of. If your vision is to be in a happy marriage you may need to build emotional and social skills that will enable you to form that loving partnership - merely placing your picture and description on and eHarmony will not by itself land you in a healthy relationship. Similarly, if you are looking for a dream job or career you will need to acquire skills and experience that will make you stand out as someone with expertise in that field.

Start out building confidence and and a feeling of accomplishment using smaller goals or incremental markers that are easier to reach. If you are seeking to lose 50 pounds it is easier to focus on dropping the first 5 pounds than focusing on the entire 50 pounds and seeing that you still have 45 more pounds to go. If you are looking for better job prospects focus on specific steps you can take to open up possibilities, such as attending networking functions, sending out your resume, and setting up or enhancing your web page or LinkedIn profile.

In our modern technological era things are fast-paced and we can easily become impatient or distracted when things aren't manifesting right away. It is important to remember that commitment, persistence, and perseverance are necessary to attain many things that are important to us in our lives. When we get off-course it is helpful to re-envision what we desire to accomplish and how we will feel in reaching that goal. This recharges your motivation and determination. When we have a strong emotionally charged desire for something we will naturally focus our energy and resources toward obtaining or accomplishing it.

Surround yourself with people, places, and things that support your goals. If you are seeking to break away from alcohol dependency you may go to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) where there are others with the same goal - not to a night club or liquor store where many people come who plan to get inebriated. If you wish to be a successful athlete you will spend time practicing and being around other athletes who have the skills you seek to build. Like energy attracts like energy, so you will want to be around the energies that match what you wish to become.

Since the idea of newness and starting anew is in the mass consciousness at this time of year, you may wish to draw upon that vibe and empower positive changes in yourself. It is never too soon to be pursuing your dreams or making healthy changes in your life!

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