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A new year – A new workplace culture!

Do you work in a culture of indecision? Author Michael Roberto (2005) describes three cultures of indecision that affect organizational effectiveness. Researchers have found that many organizations are plagued with leadership that promotes a culture that is characterized by an inability to decide. Many times, these organizations engage in lots of hours of debate but never reach a decision.

Roberto (2005) revealed three cultures of indecision that leaders need to work to overcome. The first is a Culture of No. In organizations where there is a Culture of No, followers criticize and negate proposals but do not offer alternative solutions to problems. In addition, in the Culture of No organizations, followers tend to focus mainly on the negative aspects of decisions and structure, rather than focus on opportunities.

The second culture that affects organizations is the Culture of Yes. In organizations where the Culture of Yes is prevalent, workers do not raise their concerns during meetings and, instead, work behind the scenes to disrupt progress toward goals. During meetings, it appears that everyone is onboard with decisions, but once people leave the meetings, they begin to criticize and object to decisions.

Thirdly, the Culture of Maybe exists in organizations where workers engage in intense and costly fact finding and data collection. In these organizations, workers spend much time in formal analysis and never actually make a final decision based on the information obtained.

Do you want to be an effective leader who can make decisions that benefit the organization and the employees? Follow these tips for developing the skill to be a leader who can overcome the barrier of indecision and work toward building commitment and shared understanding.

1. Listen, listen, listen

2. Increase your awareness

3. Be able to make intelligent generalizations

4. Be a role model

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