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A new world record for lighest weight foal?

Meet Einstein. 

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Born April 23, 2010 in Barnstead, New Hamshire,  Einstein stands only 14 inches tall - small even by miniature horse standards.  More amazing, Einstein, an adorable pinto colt, tipped the scales at a whopping 6 pounds, quite possibly laying claim to the world record for the world's lighest foal. 

Owned by Dr. Rachel Wagner, this little guy is about the size of a newborn human baby and smaller than many dogs.  While many ultra-tiny foals are the result of dwarfism, Einstein appears to be a perfect foal - in a very tiny package.

I raised miniatures horses for many years and I had some small foals -- 12-15 pounds and 18-20 inches tall -- but I have to say 6 pounds certainly sounds like a record territory  to me. 


  • Kathleen - Charlotte Health and Happiness Examiner 4 years ago

    Thank you for the photos and story. What a little miracle.