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A new way to show love to your lover

In this previous column, I talked about the term Fuzzy Pole, referring to a gift for your significant other that reminds him or her of you as a memento. I have to share the story about the gift that my fiancée gave me for Sweetest Day that redefined what a memento could be in terms of its innovation.

I wasn’t able to spring for a big gift for Sweetest Day due to financial concerns, so I sent my fiancée the cheapest little card with a heartfelt message inside telling her how appreciative I am of all she is and all she does. She didn’t have a card in the mail for me because she lost track of when Sweetest Day is, certainly understandable considering she lives in a region of the country that doesn’t really celebrate Sweetest Day. She had never heard of it before meeting me four years ago. So her gift to me the next day was something instant, inventive, and modern: She sent me a lovely PowerPoint presentation.

I didn’t know what to expect when I opened the attachment labeled “HAPPY SWEETEST DAY!!” The presentation opened with a design of a heart with wings, then moved on to a close-up of my face, as the words “Happy Sweetest Day to my sweetie!” flashed. She used pictures that she took of us at the downtown ESPN Zone restaurant and at a White Sox game and fireworks display afterward. The text read: “We are a sizzling hot couple! Whether we’re being naughty, or hanging out at the ballpark, he always makes it an explosive experience! And I wuv him!” I couldn’t help but laugh at the whole demonstration. It was by far the sweetest, most heartfelt thing anyone had ever done for me, and it wasn’t very difficult, but it was sincere and from the heart. I could imagine my fiancée smiling at every picture she put together while constructing the PowerPoint, knowing that the snapshots would each represent a memory of fun times that we shared together. I was truly touched at the effort.

So the lesson is, it doesn’t take a moving of heaven and earth to show your loved one that he or she is on your mind. All it takes is some innovation and token or two of past escapades you’ve shared. So long as your gift is from the heart, your honey will feel what you’re feeling, and it will be a feeling neither of you will forget.