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A new way to golf, will it catch on

Biking while golfing
Biking while golfing

It popped up on my computer this morning, a new way to get from one hole to another, it came from a blog by Jeri Clausing, but it perked my curiosity so I checked it out.

Vail Golf Club in Vail, Colorado has added another way for golfers to get around the golf course, on special bikes they are adding for their golfers. This new and unique way to get around the course debuted at the ‘Merchandising show in January’, and this summer the Vail Golf Club will be the first to have them for rent to their golfers.

A sturdy rack on the sides hold a complete set of golf clubs, making it easy for the golfer to pedal around the course. “This is an innovative and engaging means of transportation around the course” said the Vail Club director Alic Plain, continuing with “ “The low-impact bikes are perfect for golfers who have trouble walking the course, but would prefer to not ride a cart. It will be a unique experience for golfers of all abilities and the fun-factor will be priceless.”

The bikes were designed by Higher Ground Bicycling in Tallahassee Florida, it has six gears, hand brakes, small diameter wheels, a low frame for a easy dismount, wide rubber tires that have little impact on the golf course, and goes at the speed of a golf cart. Golfers can combine the love of playing golf with the the outdoors and cycling.

The bikes made their first debut in 2013, and this year they again were at the Merchandising show in 2014. The President and Inventor of the bike - Todd May - made the first delivery of a bike to the Vinoy Renaissance Golf Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida in March 2014, and this summer the Vail Golf Club will be offering them for rent to their golf patrons at $18 for a round on their 18-hole golf course.

Follow them at thegolfbike on Twitter to keep up with their new invention and what may be coming next.

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