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A new way to fly


Airplane Photo Credit: Wikipedia  

The landscape of the airline industry has changed dramatically in the past few years, and not necessarily for the better, but it could about to get a whole lot worse.

This isn’t baggage fees, airline cancellations or skimpy drink service. This is an entirely new level of airline torture: having to sit face-to-face with your fellow passengers in long rows down the plane. Think cramped and awkward. Like a crowded LA metro car.

Sounds comfortable right?

This new aircraft design is being proposed by British firm Design Q. The firm is expecting the new design could result in ticket prices dropping around 30%, which might just lure the most unsuspecting travelers. But the good news is this aircraft wouldn’t be used for flights of more than two hours.

The real question is how much of that “savings” would really get passed down to the customer?  What do you think? Would you put up with sitting like this on a plane if your ticket was significantly cheaper?

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