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A new veterinary hospital in Las Vegas

Pet Health Hospital
Pet Health HospitalPet Health Hospital

Pet Health & Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn is a unique veterinary hospital concept in Las Vegas. Located at 8520 West Desert Inn Road, the philosophy at Pet Health Hospital is to provide the highest quality care for your pet, with an emphasis on the lifetime care of your pet from their first puppy or kitten exam through old age. The Health and Feline Health Lifetime Veterinary Care Programs follow each pet throughout his or her life to maximize the health, well-being, and comfort during all stages of life. They offer a comprehensive range of services, from standard veterinary checkups and vaccinations to diagnostics and surgical services. Some of the more specialized services we offer include dental, cardiology, and dermatology care. The bright and cheery boarding facility gives pets a feeling of home, with personalized attention from caring staff members. Behavioral and Dietary counseling is also available. "We take these issues seriously, because we believe that they may negatively affect a pet’s overall quality of life. Emergency care is always available at the hospital’s main number, or you may bring your pet in without an appointment," stated Brandon Coyle of Pet Health Hospital.

Created in the vision of Las Vegas veterinarian Dr Mark Beerenstrauch, DVM, affectionately known as “Dr B” in the local pet community, Pet Health Hospital is a state-of-the-art animal hospital designed to accommodate pets in all stages of life and health. Too often, pet owners only bring their pets to a veterinarian when there is an emergency or illness. As a veterinarian passionate about the preventative wellness of his patients, Dr B’s Lifetime Care Programs were designed with a “whole life” approach aimed at keeping animals healthier overall, driving veterinary expenses down through prevention. Regular health exams and vaccinations encourage prevention and early detection of illnesses and diseases, with the goal of extending the lifespan of our beloved companions and preventing the burden of costly treatments in the future. As part of these programs, each pet’s overall health will be assessed. Individualized wellness programs are created, which include medical exams and preventative wellness screens, fewer vaccinations as your pet ages, and breed-specific monitoring.

At Pet Health Hospital, the experienced and compassionate veterinarians advocate for our pet patients, and their Canine Health and Feline Health Lifetime Veterinary Care Programs are designed to provide customized information and education to owners on preventative care and how to provide a longer and healthier life for your pet. Pet owners interested in touring our Las Vegas veterinary hospital or scheduling an appointment may call (702) 910-4500, or visit our website at Pet Health Hospital for more information. When you need a Las Vegas veterinarian dedicated to the lifetime health and well-being of your pets, look no further than Pet Health & Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn.