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A new update for 'Aerena: Clash of Champions'

Introducing HAMMER: A new "Aerena: Clash of Champions" character-slide0
Cliffhanger Productions Games

A major update for “Aerena:Clash of Champions” has brought a new champion and other improvements to the mobile game. These fresh updates were launched on August 19th. If you haven’t tried out the turn-based strategy MOBA yet now is a great time to give it a try.

Introducing HAMMER, a new champion for "Aerena: Clash of Champions"
Cliffhanger Productions Games

Aerena: Clash of Champions” is cross platform game available for PC and tablet. Set in a steampunk-esque setting, the game allows players to command an airship crew of fighters. Players move their crew members across an arena board to execute their different attacks in order to destroy their opponents ship or lower the opposing teams hit points before they get yours. It’s an exciting match of virtual chess.

The game made it’s ESport League debut at Gamescom. Clash of Champions was played live on the ESL stage and streamed live on Twitch TV. Now they have an update with a new champion that everyone can play for themselves.

The new champion being introduced is HAMMER, the herald of a new class of robotic champion that is sure to enhance your airship crew. The hulking mech is tough and powerful. Players can try HAMMER out in the game now.

In addition to the new class and character the update brings other enhancements to “Aerena: Clash of Champions” as well. From visual improvements to more affordable price changes and a convenient way to play with friends this update is a big improvement. Here’s a list of all the changes this update has brought:

  • Players can add and challenge a friend or other players directly (and add them to their friends' list) in a cool reactive stadium atmosphere that is integrated in every match
  • Prices of ships and champions have been updated and insanely affordable
  • A whole new class of Champions and its first representative have been added: HAMMER - an ultra tough masochistic combat robot from the INCquisition!
  • New missions and daily missions to earn some extra Shillings
  • New tutorial
  • New League tier system that is split in 3 parts
  • Two new shell packs giving the player either 10 rare shells or 10 shells with a chance for some of them being rare
  • New master images for champions. These cool portrait will be unlocked once you've beaten 100 enemies with a specific champion
  • Improved Æther gain effects. Now you can see more easily who gained Æther and why.

Download “Aerena: Clash of Champion” now on Steam, Google Play, and the App Store and try the new update for yourself.

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