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A new Trek : Prelude to Axanar at the Houston Con

At the Houston Con held on August 8th-10th, held at the Houston Hilton North, fans got a taste a fan film that has taken a life of it's own, Prelude to Axanar.

Originally brought to script by Alec Peters, the short film delves in to the story of a battle that saved the Federation of Planets, the backbone organization for the Star Trek franchise, and the perspectives of Klingon, Vulcan, and humans alike of the road to a battle mentioned in the original Star Trek series.

During a panel held at the Houston Con, the primary cast as well as the director of the short film discussed the process of the film, how it was made, and their place in the the new vision of classic Star Trek lore.

The cast includes: Alec Peters as Fleet Captain Kelvar Garth (Garth of Izar), Richard Hatch as Kharn the Undying, Klingon supreme commander, Richard Hatch as Kharn the Undying, Klingon supreme commander, Gary Graham as Soval, Vulcan Ambassador to the Federation (a role he reprises from Star Trek:Enterprise), Kate Vernon as Captain Sonya Alexander, and Tony Todd as Admiral Marcus Ramirez, Starfleet Commander-in-Chief.

The panel was not all serious talk about this new Trek undertaking, the actors along with director Christian Gossett, answered questions and cut up with the audience and each other during the panels.

Overall response to the film, done like a documentary or news reort has been positive.

If you wish to be part of getting a feature film of Axanar made, you can go here to their Kickstarter page.

This project connects into the world of the original series and definitely looks to be a grand tale to be told of Star Fleet and and it's greatest battle at Axanar.

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