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A new translation of The Torah, now being studied at Temple Emanu-El

The Torah: A Modern Commentary
The Torah: A Modern Commentary

A New Era in Torah Study Has Begun at Temple Emanu-El.

Ben Bag-Bag used to say of the Torah: Turn it and turn it again, for everything is in it. (Avot 5:22)

This past Shabbat, Temple Emanu-El began their study of the weekly Torah portion for the year 5770 with Parashat Bereshit.  It was enhanced by the use of "The Torah: A Modern Commentary (Revised Edition)." This landmark resource includes both the Hebrew text and the most up-to-date translation of the Jewish Publication Society, as well as both classical and contemporary commentaries. 

"We are very grateful to Carter Horwitz, son of Kate and John Horwitz, for earmarking a portion of his Bar Mitzvah gifts for purchase of these valuable books."

For more info: Visit the Temple Emanu-El website.