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A new therapeutic body wrap for your pet

Try this new therapeutic body wrap for pets on for size.
Try this new therapeutic body wrap for pets on for size.
Healers PetCare

What will they think of next? As this generation realizes more and more the utter significance that our canines play in our daily lives, there are finally products out there to advance the health and wellness of our pets; allowing them to live longer and healthier with us, their pet parents.

Healers PetCare is a nationwide provider of pet wellness products. They announced yesterday the launch of their new Therapeutic Body Wrap for pets. This is the world’s first, multi-use body wrap designed just for our pets in order to aid in healing them in a multitude of ways. Some of the uses include:

· As a post-surgical wrap for the pet’s front, back or full body.

· As a replacement for the dreaded cone collar, making pets much more comfortable as they heal.

· As an anxiety wrap to help pets be calmer in a variety of situations, including loud noises, stressful situations, during healing, while traveling and more.

· As a wrap to facilitate healing via the included Velcro patch pockets where hot and/or cold packs can be placed, reducing swelling and providing comfort.

· As a wrap to hold heart monitors or other monitoring devices with the included placement pouches.

· As a bandage wrap for specific wound placement with the use of the Healers PetCare gauze pads.

· As incontinence or ‘pets in heat’ wrap utilizing the rear module of the Therapeutic Body Wrap.

Terri Entler, Healers PetCare Founder and CEO also designed the Healers PetCare Therapeutic Body Wrap. Her idea was to have an easy-to-use, all-in-one wrap to assist pets in a wide variety of ways when they are healing from one ailment or another. “Throughout their lifetime, pets may encounter many situations where healing and care are needed, shared Entler. “That’s why we wanted to create a product that would help nearly every healing encounter that pets experience….from sore muscles, to wound care, to senior or health related incontinence, to helping reduce anxiety from healing and from a variety of stressful situation, and more.”

The product is made right here in the United States of America. It comes in a wide range of sizes to fit your pet; from extra-small to extra-large. The retail price is $45 to $55 for the front module and $19.95 to $24.95 for the rear module. The accessories, gauze pads and re-usable heat and cold packs that work in conjunction with the product, are sold separately. The products and accessories are available to consumers, retailers and the pet healthcare community, such as veterinary and distribution markets.

Pet lovers are able to order the Therapeutic Body wrap through the Healers PetCare website at For more information, feel free to contact Healers PetCare at, by phoning 800.924.7036, or via email at

This is one handy product, too good to miss. Check it out for your beloved canine today!

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