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A new super hero soars in 'Skyman' #1

Dark Horse Comics has revealed a preview for this week's "Skyman" #1, the debut of the new super hero's own four issue mini-series. "Skyman" #1 hit stores this Wednesday, January 15, and is written by Joshua Hale Fialkov ("Afro Samurai: Resurrection," "I, Vampire") with pencils by Manuel Garcia and inks by Javier Bergantino Menor (a.k.a. Bit). The issue features regular and variant covers by Freddie Williams II ("Robin," "The Movement") and Dan Scott.

Spinning out of "Captain Midnight" is the new super hero, Skyman.
Dark Horse comics

Skyman was introduced last year in the pages of "Captain Midnight." Recruited for the top secret Skyman Program, U.S. Air Force Sergeant Eric Reid is given a hi-tech uniform that grants him enhanced strength, reflexes and endurance, in addition to the ability of flight. Not to mention, when wearing the uniform, Reid, a paraplegic after his plane went down in action, regains the ability to use his legs. But, will Reid play the good soldier and follow orders, or will he strike out on his own?

"Skyman" #1 is in stores now. For more information on "Skyman" and "Captain Midnight" head over to To find a comic shop near you, go to

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