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A new spring season

Bath, England A white rose flowers in a garden
Bath, England A white rose flowers in a garden
(Photo by Matt Cardy Getty Images)

What else can be introduced to the desert landscape for a new spring season?

The starting point can be with a selection of climbing roses that can be designed into the desert landscape of El Paso, TX.

The rock wall that some may think needs more visual inspiration can be the selected spot to introduce climbing roses.

Upon a column or perhaps creating, a post to give support for the climbing roses to grow for fresh flowers and for their scent.

The climbing roses are just an option for adding height and width to a wall for a transformation of the landscape. Many other plant species can be incorporated in addition to the desert landscape from the honeysuckle, to jasmines and more to accommodate a wall or area.

The stores are all prepping for more warm weather plants in El Paso, TX find the selection most desired for that special look.

Hello Spring

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