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A new set of keys for 7-Eleven Undercover Boss employee Igor Finkler

Hard work and integrity go a long way for Igor Finkler. The Lewisville, Texas, Combined Distribution Center delivery truck driver got the real keys to his 7-Eleven® store in Richardson, Texas, this week. Finkler made a lasting impression on 7-Eleven president and CEO Joe DePinto during the reality CBS-TV show Undercover Boss earlier this year.

In an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss “Boss,” DePinto offered to waive the $140,000 franchise fee for Finkler to open his own 7-Eleven store. The store 1,900 square-foot store is located at Campbell Road and near North Central Expressway in Richardson, Texas.

On the Undercover Boss episode that featured 7-Eleven, DePinto posed as former insurance salesman "Danny"  and managed to go unrecognized as fellow employees helped him learn the ins and outs of their jobs. Disguised in glasses and a hat, DePinto also grew a beard to conceal his identity. While working behind the scenes, DePinto made coffee, swept floors and placed orders at the company’s Combined Distribution Center. Finkler worked with DePinto as the two delivered fresh product overnight in a delivery truck.



  • Amanda C. Strosahl 4 years ago

    My husband and I watched that episode of the series and were impressed with this guy. I hope things go well for him with his new store.

    Indianapolis Healthy Living Examiner
    Sims Examiner

  • Pat 4 years ago

    Sometimes I think nothing good ever happens any more and then I read a story like this ... and well, it's just GOOD! A happy story! Thanks for sharing.