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A new mobile app may read your feelings

The high tech revolution may make it easier to get a hold on your own feelings. Your phone may soon be able to tell you how you are feeling, reported PC World on March 8, 2014. In the past year a variety of projects were unveiled which had a goal of giving mobile apps the ability to instantly detect a person’s emotional state.

Google Glass Senior Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan speaks onstage at Engadget Expand NY in New York City.
Craig Barritt/Getty Images

A software developer kit for its emotion-tracking technology was launched recently by a startup firm called Affectiva, which was developed out of MIT’s Media Lab. The firm claims that it’s possible to assess the effect that advertising and branding have on a person if that person’s facial expressions are analyzed through the camera of a mobile device.

Another startup firm called Emotient has just received an additional $6 million in funding to further develop its facial-recognition emotion-sensing technology. As with other companies in this market niche, Emotient wants to help retailers better understand how customers feel about products while they are shopping.

Emotient has announced the development of a Google Glass glassware app which is designed to perform on-the-spot sentiment analysis. This new app which recognizes facial expressions comes with emotion tracking technology for Google Glass, reports BGR. The firm feels that aside from helping to develop an understanding of the feelings of consumers, this app could also help pick up early signs of illness in someone by conveying the feelings of people. One thing is for certain, this app should be a lot more helpful than psychiatrists are in helping people to get in touch with their feelings.

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