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A new manufacturing facility of flexible thin-film solar PV laminates will be built in France by ECD

Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) announced on January 14, 2010 that the company is planning to build a 30MW plant in France.  ECD is the world leader of flexible thin-film solar laminate products.  The flexibility of ECD's UNI-SOLAR(R) laminates is a very special and important characteristic that allows the solar film to adapt better to roofs and other building structures.

Alsace region on the left of the Rhine River bordering the Black Forest region of Germany (Radar Image from NASA).
Alsace region on the left of the Rhine River bordering the Black Forest region of Germany (Radar Image from NASA).
Flexible thin-film solar PV laminates from ECD will be manufactured also in France.
Energy Conversion Devices

The company already started the selection and evaluation process to locate the new manufacturing facility close to the border between France and Germany.  ECD with headquarters in Rochester Hills, Michigan, exports a high percentage of its products on rolls of stainless steel to Europe;  in particular, to Germany, France and Spain.  The growth of the European market in terms of solar energy is one of the main reasons to build the facility.  France, for example, has clearly defined its long term plans to aggressively support and implement green energy technologies.  The growth of this market has prompted other renewable energy companies before ECD's announcement to build manufacturing facilities in Europe;  e.g., First Solar.

ECD's product flexibility and lightness makes it ideal to extract sun's energy from almost any corner.  Their laminates can be integrated to a building exterior easier than with other products.  This unique characteristic is important for the European market as ECD's president Mark Morelli indicated in the announcement that their products "protect the aesthetics of France's cultural heritage by integrating into the building architecture".

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  • Fred landolfi 5 years ago

    Gentlemen ,, with all the people out of work ,, why are we transporting work and plants over seas.. ??


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