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A new line of beauty products to be launched: geared toward tweens

Eight and Makeup
Eight and Makeup

One of the world’s largest retailers Walmart (love them or hate them) is gearing up to launch a new cosmetic line geared towards tweens (kids as young as eight years old) this February. Is this a joke you might ask? No! This new generation of youngsters is being labeled “Generation Y” aka “Net Generation” according to; the makeup line has reportedly named many of their line’s 69 beauty products after text and internet lingo. GeoGirl the name of the tween makeup line will offer skin care and makeup products that are reportedly made from natural products and will be packaged in biodegradable materials.

How do parents feel about this “Starter” makeup line? The first general concession from parents I spoke to was that the only makeup appropriate for kids as young as eight years old is as one parent called it “Playkeup” or makeup used for playing dress up with friends. Other parents have concerns that the makeup line is encouraging kids to grow up too fast and possibly promoting the idea to our young that makeup is necessary to look attractive. Although most parents I spoke to thought eight was way too young for a company to market cosmetics to, some did find it acceptable in certain circumstances such as girls involved in beauty pageants, on weekends, or simply allowing some makeup such as lip gloss to be acceptable at school (or to be worn on a daily basis).

Although everyone is going to have their own opinions on the matter, the truth is that with kids getting cell phones at the average age of eight according to “The Telegraph;” makeup doesn’t seem that big of deal in comparison to the potential risk of sexting and other cell phone risks for youngsters. Will GeoGirl become the next staple for tweens or will it be a passing fashion? Only time will tell. Personally I cant see me letting an eight year old out of the house with a full face of makeup; which leads to another ongoing question? When should tweens or teens start wearing makeup out of the house? That is a different article, but in the end it is up to parents to make their own decisions.