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A new kind of conference: Mike Hrostoski's conference for men

The conference for men
The conference for men

Most professionals have been there: the over-crowded main hall lined with vendors; the drowsy rooms kept about ten degrees below comfortable, populated by sleepy executives and speakers (all clutching coffees); the hour long discussions and panels that you’ll probably scratch some notes about, though you’ll likely never refer to them again; and the dining hall where you make awkward conversation with some folks you’ve seen in passing and pick at a lunch that may or may not be any good. After the sun goes down and the attendees are left to their own devices you’ll likely find yourself at the bar, where you’ll do more networking than you will for the rest of the weekend. Oh, and you’ll probably pay around $2,000 for the experience.

If you’re lucky and the speakers are good, then when you leave the conference you’ll find yourself full of ideas and inspiration. The sad fact is, though, that invariably your takeaways will be lacking any real, actionable points that will lead you to improve your career or yourself. Any ideas you form over the weekend will quickly fade to the back of your mind, lost in the doldrums of work, life, and repetition.

Now take that scenario and scrap it, because there’s actually another option. Mike Hrostoski, men’s coach, world traveler, and veteran of the corporate world, had the opportunity to experience a different kind of seminar. His experience changed his life in almost every way imaginable. Hrostoski is pairing that revelational experience with his unique background as a men’s coach by bringing together a group of 300 men and a hand-selected group of expert speakers in order to create a new take on the professional conference.

Hrostoski’s conference kicks off on April 25th in beautiful San Diego, CA and comes with some pretty huge guarantees. It’s not often that you're made the promise of a truly life-changing experience, but that's precisely what the Conference for Men guarantees. Packed into the three days will be the opportunity for these men to conquer their anxieties around women, wealth, and emotional well-being. The goal of the gathering is to send the 300 men away with actionable, tangible ways to actively create a life of their own design. It’s a rare peak behind the veil for men, who typically are relegated to the shadows of self-help. Men seem to overwhelmingly follow the stigma that asking for help is akin to showing weakness, a fact Hrostoski recently drew attention to on his blog. This conference aims to enable men with the support and the information that they need to realize their goals and take direct control of their lives – in their careers and beyond.

The 2014 Conference for Men is a departure from the norm. The intimate group of 300, set amidst the hustle of San Diego, will allow for plenty of one-on-one time with the other conference-goers and the speakers. While the subject matter and the setting are both unique, what truly sets it apart from the rest is the price tag. Unlike a typical three-day professional seminar, Hrostoski’s Conference for Men will only cost participants $795.

Here's hoping this new, relevant take on the conference is here to stay.

For more information on the 2014 Conference for Men, check out the official website at

To learn more about Mike Hrostoski and his incredible story, visit his website at

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