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A new image for Bravo Pet Foods

New image, same great Bravo products!
New image, same great Bravo products!
Bravo Pet Foods

If you are a fan of Bravo® Pet Foods, you need not worry, everything about Bravo is unchanged except for their logo. At the Global Pet Expo, the largest annual pet product trade show in the United States, the organization unveiled a series of image updates which includes a new logo, theme line and packaging and they want their dedicated customers to know all about it!

To date, the industry’s reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and the heritage brand is working to convert all of their products to the new look as quickly as possible. You can get a glimpse of the brand’s new image on their social media pages by clicking on the following links: | |

“We want to reassure all of our customers that only our brand image has changed. The ingredients we use in our renowned diets and treats, and the commitment to pets’ health and happiness, remain unchanged,” comments Bette Schubert, Bravo Co-Founder.

The new look plus a few new exciting products will be available to pet supply stores across America this summer. For now you can be reassured that the Bravo products are still the same quality products designed by nature for your pet – just as Bravo states.

All of their raw pet foods and all-natural treats, bones and chews are produced so that your pet will receive superior nutrition. The products promote good health as well. Besides their typical ingredients, Bravo is mixing it up and adding freeze dried lobster and dry roasted duck feet to their product line. The organization has also created four new healthy choice Training Treats for your pet to enjoy while learning a thing or two.

As past fans are aware, Bravo wrote the book on raw diets for domesticated canines and felines. They tell in their book, Bravo! Beginnings for Dogs & Cats, all about the “why” and the “how” of feeding pets a raw diet. The book is not only educational for pet parents, it is educational as well.

If you have any doubts about the product, please read the following taken right from the Bravo website:

Bravo! Quality Assurance Program
It’s not news to anyone that there have been product recalls over the past few years, both on the human side and the pet side of the food chain. Bravo! recognizes our reputation for making products that are safe to serve is critical. To that end we have taken a number of steps to put the information you need about the safety of our products right at your fingertips.

  • At Bravo! we are passionate about quality and safety. We have a comprehensive safety program in our plant to ensure the purity and reliability of our products.
  • Every Bravo! raw diet product is sent to an independent laboratory and tested for the presence of bacteria.
  • Every step of the manufacturing and distribution process – from our plant floor to the retailer’s freezer - is carefully monitored to ensure the product is properly transported and stored.
  • Every Bravo! package has a “Best If Used By code date” printed directly on the package.

So you see, it is the same old Bravo with a brand new look and feel to it. Everyone needs to spruce up a bit now and then; they are just doing it to attract more people to their previously working, sound and healthy ways. Check out Bravo online or to find a store near you!

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