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A new game titled ‘Battleborn’ has been announced by Gearbox Software

An official promotional image for the game "Battleborn"
Image courtesy of the official "Battleborn" Twitter page:

The website has confirmed the announcement of a new game from the company Gearbox Software. The title of this game is “Battleborn,” and it was announced on July 8, 2014. Gearbox Software is primarily known for its “Borderlands” franchise, a very popular franchise that blends first person shooting action with RPG elements. “Battleborn” is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2015. The game is planned to be released on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms.

Little is currently known about the newly announced “Battleborn.” The title is described as combining first person shooter elements with loot collecting RPG elements. It is also described as having a living comic book art style. The game is planned to have a number of modes, including both cooperative and competitive multiplayer. The game is also described as having a “dramatic story” for its single player and cooperative modes. However, in a follow-up article by, it was stated that the story will not be lengthy, like the story in “Borderlands,” but rather it will be shorter and highly repeatable.

The cooperative multiplayer mode will likely be similar to the “Borderlands” franchise, where a group of players will tackle the main story mode together. The competitive multiplayer mode will feature five versus five player games, which will likely be similar to Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games like “League of Legends” and “Dota 2.” However, “Battleborn” will be a first-person shooter, whereas the aforementioned titles are real time strategy games.

The announcement trailer briefly showed a number of the possible playable characters who will be in the final game. The trailer focused primarily on a female elf-like character wielding a bow. Other characters shown include a thin, mechanical character wielding a gun, a female character who danced around while throwing swords at her enemies, a large human male wielding a mini-gun, and an evil-looking character who wielded two swords. Evidence in the trailer suggests that, despite the fact that the title is a first person shooter, some characters will wield melee weapons such as swords.

To learn more about “Battleborn” as it is announced, visit the game’s official website:

"Battleborn" official website

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