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A new Episcopal school in Los Angeles

ESLA - "Founded to serve the heart of the city."
ESLA - "Founded to serve the heart of the city."

Wait for it. It’s called the Episcopal School of Los Angeles. I suggested something a little catchier to its founder, the Reverend Maryetta Anschutz; something along the lines of Maryetta’s Minion School or Koreatown Conservatory. No, no. They’re sticking with The Episcopal School of Los Angeles and, years from now, when enrollment is up and admission is highly sought after, it will simply be referred to as ESLA, which is catchy.

Located in Koreatown, near Catalina and Wilshire, ESLA will open its doors in September of this year (2010). Approximately 50-60 spaces are available for placement in either 7th or 9th grade. (There is almost no demand for new enrollment in 8th grade, so it will begin in the fall of 2011, when the 7th grade will advance.)

When I spoke with Rev. Anschutz last week, she was busy wearing one of many hats required of anyone trying to start a new school. Construction issues were on her mind, at the same time she was dealing with real estate matters and putting together another open house, scheduled for the end of February. “ESLA is located in an under-served community. The building is fantastic. Old, interesting, sort of like Hogwarts,” she told me, referring to the school where Harry Potter learned how to be his best wizard self. “We have amazing teachers…150 people showed up for our last open house about a month ago.” Anschutz is enthusiastic, down to earth, and young enough to tap into the energy needed to take on such an endeavor. ESLA’s website is terrific and comprehensively conveys their mission and the spirit of what Anschutz and her team hope the school will embody. Check it out at

If you’re interested in attending the open house, send an email to

I asked if Quidditch would be offered as an elective. I think Anschutz thought the question was silly but humored me and decided it would be impossible to get insurance for a sport where wizards fly on broomsticks.

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