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A new dating formula for finding love

Beauty is in the nose of the beholder.
Beauty is in the nose of the beholder.
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Does your date smell funny to you? Perhaps it’s just nature's cue…

A new biotech company by the name of Instant Chemistry launched earlier this month matching singles up by their DNA. The company’s founder, Jeremy Bluvol, says that 40 percent of physical attraction can actually be determined by a person’s genetic composition. Using a cheek swab test, Instant Chemistry predicts biological compatibility between two people before they ever meet, adding a new level of screening that dating companies like It’s Just Lunch and Kelleher International could really benefit from as a rather valuable enhancement to their matchmaking services.

The concept of matchmaking by genetic testing is nothing new, though Instant Chemistry is said to be the first of its kind in North America. Back in 2010, I actually wrote about the emergence of a new breed of dating companies using genetic information to match singles. One of the dating sites I mentioned was, based in Europe. The other site I mentioned was, but as of this writing the site is temporarily unavailable. Maybe Instant Chemistry will have better luck penetrating the U.S. market.

Companies like these aim to change the way we date based on how people smell to each other. It all started with what has become known as the sweaty T-shirt experiment in which a group of female participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of a group of males based on the scent left behind on a T-shirt they would wear to bed for two nights in a row. The results of the study revealed that women were most attracted to men whose immune systems were different from their own, which makes logical sense if you think of it as nature’s way of keeping you from dating someone you’re related to by blood.

It won’t be long before people are submitting more than just credit card information to their dating service providers. In fact, don’t be surprised if someone you’re interested in dating for a while refers you over to his or her dating scientist for a compatibility assessment if you want to make it past date three. What happened to those days when dating used to be all about that butterfly feeling in the stomach? Now, it’s all about sweaty T-shirts, cheek swabs and good genes apparently.

Should science really be playing a role in helping singles find love? Perhaps not, but one thing is certain. If you’re date smells funny to you, then don't even bother with date two.

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