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A "New Cydonia" of ancient extraterrestrial monuments found on Mars


MARS: The Dreaming Man at Reull Vallis

A major, new complex of massive, ancient terra-forms has been found in the Reull Vallis of Mars. The monuments were photographed by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) onboard the Mars Orbiter Express of the European Space Agency (ESA) on January 15, 2004 from a height of 170 miles above the surface of Mars.

The Reull Vallis site includes at least nine striking statues of human and animal faces clearly visible from space, including very large ground drawings featuring the profiles of primates and canines. Like the long-heralded Cydonia site, this intriguing new site also contains a large, pyramid-shaped landform that can be seen at the right bottom of the ESA photograph, where the channel of the Ruell Vallis turns and flows to the south.

The Face on Mars at Cydonia now has nine exquisite companions

Andrew D. Basiago, 47, president of the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS), made the finding in the ESA photograph captioned SEMBY9474OD. Basiago has termed the complex “New Cydonia” after the location of The Face on Mars that was discovered by Vincent DiPietro and Gregory Molenaar, two computer engineers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center while searching through NASA archives in 1976.

Basiago’s discovery of the new location, which strongly supports the notion that The Face on Mars at Cydonia is an artificial object, is described in an eight-page report containing textual analysis and photographs entitled “Ancient Terra-forms found in the Reull Vallis of Mars” that is available at by clicking here (PDF).

MARS: The D&M II Pyramid at Reull Vallis

The D&M Pyramid reinterpreted

Basiago has termed the large, pyramidal land form that can be seen at the right bottom of the ESA photograph the “D&M II Pyramid” after the “D&M Pyramid” that was found adjacent to the “The Face on Mars” site at Cydonia by DiPietro and Molenaar in 1976. “D&M” refers to the initials in DiPietro and Molenaar’s last names.

In his report on the New Cydonia, Basiago observes:

“Like the D&M Pyramid, the D&M II Pyramid found at Ruell Vallis is not quite a pyramid but rather an irregular, four-sided mound biased sharply towards the northwest. One seems to possess a face, the other the long arms and legs and head of an anthropomorphic figure. These similarities seem to imply that these land forms are not pyramids at all but rather terra-forms that are… examples of the Martian propensity to craft natural land forms into works of art featuring the faces of humans and animals.

“D&M II seems to be a massive face that has weathered,” he continues. “There are smaller terra-formed faces immediately southeast of it and at a greater distance northeast of it. These findings tend to support the conclusion that it is another face and not a pyramid. I have long suspected that the D&M Pyramid is not a pyramid but instead a terra-form featuring a stick figure like a human child on Earth might draw.”

MARS: The Barking Dog with Orb Crater (Reull Vallis)

Martian orb craters at New Cydonia

The MARS report also identifies an apparent ancient Martian art form – the “orb crater.”

The report states:

“Ruell Vallis is a place where there are apparent craters inside of which humanoid faces have been sculpted. The irregular rims of these craters reveal that they are not the result of impacts by objects from space but rather have resulted from the act of creating the faces themselves. These art objects, which Basiago has named orb craters, are numerous in the ESA image.

“Paranormal researchers will recognize in these works of art the faces found inside of orbs in the orbs phenomenon on Earth. Faces like these are sometimes found staring silently out from the orbs that are captured by digital cameras. The ubiquitous nature of these land forms in the vicinity of Ruell Vallis indicates how… the surface of Mars has been terra-formed into works of art that show a child-like simplicity and spontaneity.”

One of these orb craters can be seen on the neck of a large terra-form featuring a barking dog lunging toward the channel of the Ruell Vallis.

Three Martian civilizations: Ancient, modern surface, and modern underground

With these findings of the New Cydonia complex at Reull Vallis, Andrew D. Basiago’s discoveries have now extended to three categories of intelligent civilization on Mars – ancient, modern surface, and modern underground Martian civilizations.

Basiago sees a Mars-Egypt connection in the artifacts comprising the New Cydonia.  The MARS report states, “This is one of a growing array of artifacts… found on Mars that establish the connection between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mars, suggesting that in antiquity one was the colony of the other.”

He continues:

“My speculation is that Ancient Mars was a colony of Ancient Egypt, rather than vice versa. I say this because Earth had the abundant biosphere that could have sustained ancient civilization in its attempt to reach Mars. The Great Pyramid at Giza and the Great Platform at Baalbek, which may have been an ancient launch pad, may be evidence of this effort. I find it far less compelling that human beings on Mars reached Earth first, given Mars’ far less fertile environment. The human beings on Mars are probably the descendants of colonists from Earth, separated from us by the solar system catastrophe of 9,500 BC.”

In 2008, Basiago published a paper entitled The Discovery of Life on Mars that contains analysis and photographs of humanoid and animal species living on the surface of Mars, as well as many ancient Martian artifacts, that he found in NASA photograph PIA10214, which was taken by the US space agency’s Mars Rover Spirit in 2007.  You can download this paper by clicking here (PDF).

MARS’ report on the New Cydonia complex at Reull Vallis was released on July 20, 2009 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing by NASA’s Apollo 11.

In a related article on the huge, simian visage found in the Cydonia region of Mars known as The Face on Mars, the late Dr. Tom van Flandern, former chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, concluded that the probability that The Face on Mars is an artificial structure exceeds “a thousand billion billion to one.”  

Van Flandern wrote:

“In [the image of The Face on Mars], it is possible to see details in the image (once the right correspondence to the Viking image is recognized) that might have been intended to portray each secondary facial feature – eyebrow, pupil, nostrils, and lips. These are more plainly visible in higher-magnification views with brightness and contrast adjusted for each area because of the limited contrast in the image. Such views may be inspected at <> in the Cydonia section. Detailed study with image processing software shows that these secondary facial features exist where expected by the artificiality hypothesis, but nowhere else on the mesa. This rules out a background of many similar features from which we might pick out just ones that fulfill our expectations. Moreover, each feature is present at the expected location, having the expected size, shape, and orientation. The odds are against any of these features arising by chance, and against each feature having any of the four listed characteristics. Each of these probabilities has been carefully and conservatively estimated in a fuller treatment of this topic. The combined odds against all of these features being present and having all expected characteristics to the degree actually present, when taken together with the absence of similar features in the background, exceed a thousand billion billion to one.”

This article is part of a continuing series on the exopolitics of the discovery of life on Mars.  Exopolitics is the new political science of outer space, the science of relations between our human civilization on Earth and other civilizations in the Universe.

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  • James Black 5 years ago

    Any Exopolitician will show you beautiful pictures of Martian Airports, Cities, Monuments and people like us but anaerobic, walking in the lovely martian forests and parks. Amazing.
    This shows that science knows nothing and scientists are all liars.(If you want to know about Mars, you must be a Lawyer, of course.)

    Reactionary thought is always like that. Obscure, pathological individuals know more than the rest of humanity. That is why Adolf Hitler became Fuhrer, absolute master of the land of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart , Goethe and Schiller.

    That is why charlatans, con men, liars and reactionaries, are dangerous. Give them power and you will see what happens.

  • MIKe 4 years ago

    I´m really really sorry about whay i´m gonna say here, because i´m a researcher of the truth and a lover of the universe, but over all I try to be an sckeptic because what I really want is to get this information and this truth out till the eyes of everyone, so I allways try to keep myself out far away of the power of me mind and my own wishes, we need proofs SO:

    PEOPLE these PDF to 2008, Basiago that published "The Discovery of Life on Mars" is with all respect, an act of selfidiotness sorry, this is a peace of crap, based in no evidences of nothing, which just contribute to de uninformation and the left a legacy of hypotesis without fundamental, this is just shit guys, and you cannot hope the public is gonna belive in you if you keep trying to get them in to your ideas without real proofs ok? thats all, with all the humility and respect, if you are bored just have some sex or have a child but please don´t contribute to the uninformation with your stupid theories based in nothing, please, pleas, sorry about my honest words but you pist me off with your crappy information, thanks and sorry again.

  • shelving 3 years ago
  • Profile picture of tapabuy
    tapabuy 3 years ago
  • Arthur Fudge 5 years ago

    I hope your proud of yourself. An article without a shred of real proof or any scientific basis. While the rest of us are willing to follow scientific methods your willing to look at pictures and claim that they are something they are not on the basis of similarity. This is a joke I hope, but no one is laughing.

  • gaianmonkey 3 years ago

    on earth (geological history) -grey rock=no o2 in atmosphere
    red rocks=free 02 cos of existance of plant life
    logical extrap[olation... mars had free o2 to oxidise the rocks
    source of o2... plant life?
    it was on earth, so most logicaly (ozcams razor) it was on mars...
    no science can currently dispute this, except theories, but they must be surely less valid in comparison with earth geo-history and observed fact of mars as currently known

  • RUI 3 years ago


  • Georg 5 years ago

    Cmon, it's nice to see some pics of the surface of mars. Who cares if there is no scientific basis for the article. It's very possible there are monuments on mars and the moon. Afterall every major country including india want to go to the moon, they aren't going there to collect rocks, the americans found some neat stuff and don't want to share with anyone. Now they want to send a missile there to cover up evidense.

  • VFRMark 5 years ago

    James Black, very nicely said.

  • Major Tom 5 years ago

    This is a bit like that part in the novel On The Beach where the "survivor" of the nuclear war in the northern hemisphere turns out to be a Coke bottle hung up in a window blind and resting on a telegraph key sending random signals as the breeze moves the blind. Everyone wants to believe that someone could still be alive up there so much that a submarine is dispatched from Australia to investigate the radio signals.

    Like the Cydonia "city" these photos are very cool and extremely processed. They leave a lot to the imagination, which is obviously at work here.

  • cloud-dreamer 5 years ago

    Yeah I saw some of these ancient alien monuments lately - they were in the sky and looked white and fluffy - one was shaped like a goat, there was a bearded man, and also a pizza with all the toppings! Also, aliens must be Christian because I definitely saw the Virgin Mary up there too.

  • Perry Lane 5 years ago

    Just to have some fun, check out - it's a free online graphic novel and the guys who made it have great ideas about whats on mars.

  • Profile picture of johngaudi
    johngaudi 3 years ago

    &gt; Just to have some fun, check out - it's a free online graphic novel and the guys who made it have great ideas about whats on mars.

    Funny online graphic novel... are you the author? I would like to know how you came up with such an original story...


  • 19.47_3.14 5 years ago

    Mr Black, fine response to the article. We need more of you realistic like-minded folks posting on here instead of the dubious print we all have read

  • Bill 5 years ago

    This could be made by those guys that look like bigfoot except for the helmet.Might just be fuzzy spacesuits but I bet they make stuff like this to hide all the girls they kidnapped,like in that movie.I don't really know so I just threw that out there.

  • Wiseacre 5 years ago

    I used to finds things like barking dogs and wizards in my grandma's linoleum flooring. Must have been artificial objects.

  • JackBlack 5 years ago


  • wightalien 5 years ago

    Come on. Really. These formations are "WOW" material - regardless of everyone's perspectives, projections, agendas and/or beliefs.
    Then, that's me. Always wanted to be a geologist/mineralologist and have never stopped pursuing these interests - though the expensive, fancy, wall hanging university grad papers will never manifest for me. How can these images, or myriads of prior formations not stir interests and imaginations of everyone who sees them? THANKYOU. I find them fascinating for what they are and for (what little) is revealed at this point in time.

  • peter 5 years ago

    When you read the comments it is so easy to pick out gov. agents. You can not ridicule anymore, the public is waking up and your time will be over soon:-)repend!

  • aseraewee 5 years ago

    Richard C. Hoagland wastes more of my time.

  • sheriff_gauncent 5 years ago

    come discuss this and other stories @ cowboycoalition dot com. It's brand new. You may even win cash prizes!

  • Eyesonly 5 years ago

    The mind sees what it wants

  • micheal giger 5 years ago

    This guy is right believe it or not. Mars has many strange terra-forms images.

    1. The Dog, Mars becomes the Dog if you know how to find it.
    2. The Bat, invert the Dog and it becomes the Bat.
    3. The profile of the two faces, Mars again, we're talking the whole planet now, has hidden within it, the profile of two human faces.
    4. The monolith and the Cat. Hidden is a monolith, can you find it?

    These are but a few, I have all the evidence and image proof. Thing is you have to know "how" to find it. See, it's not just a pic you can look at, you have to know "how" to look at it to see it.

    It's how to hide secrets in plain site. It's not just Mars either. Media, News, Advertising, the US government and all the secret societies use the same exact technique to hide their secrets from you all.

    If you want to see the proof? Look me up, but remember you may just find what your looking for and most people aren't ready to be told the truth. Are you? Think before you answer that one

  • PEDRO 3 years ago


  • micheal giger 5 years ago

    Hint, when trying to find these hidden images on Mars, you have to look as though your seeing through the eyes of an alien/demon.

    Once you see through their eyes, the world becomes something you you will not even recognize.

    They watch us from every ANGEL...

  • Patrick Sullivan 5 years ago

    It is exciting to consider the wonder and adventure that awaits humanity as we begin to explore the universe.

  • Steve 5 years ago

    That's pretty neat! Imagine: one day people will live on Mars (again?) and be able to brag that they live near the face or the barking dog, etc.
    Heck they might excavate human habitations among those mounds or whatever they are to save construction costs and to provide added protection.

  • blues eagle 5 years ago

    i,m with peter ! REPENT !!!

  • Anthony Riordan 5 years ago

    I appreciate being able to discuss what has been found because I am in my 3rd year of research and my incredible pictures and technique to see some of the best details using the magnification of a 35mm camera after zooming in with standard programs. I still have questions on Hale crater which is ignored from most topics even though it raises many question and potentially far out weighs all the other areas but is not talked about. Why?

  • Ramapithecus 5 years ago

    James Black: first, I don't know of any exopolitical types claiming there are parks and so forth up there. The argument is that it LOOKS LIKE there are some very ancient, heavily eroded ruins.

    That doesn't make them "reactionary-types" whose credulity paves the way for the American Hitler. That argument itself is rather totalitarian, isn't it? "Don't listen to those people--they're EVIL!" I suppose you want to ban rap music too, since it corrupts the children.

    I am highly skeptical of this stuff myself, but it is an interesting puzzle. There's weird stuff up there, no doubt. The automatic "It's ALIEN!" reaction is every bit as stupid as the automatic "It's GEOLOGY!" reaction. We won't learn anything by staring at fuzzy, processed images and insulting each other. But then, some of us would rather insult one another than learn anything, I suppose.

  • NewNumberTwo 5 years ago

    Isn't this kind of like seeing various animals and other shapes in clouds drifting through the sky? What fun....

  • MARK 5 years ago

    The one post just below mine asks the question, "Isn't this kind of like seeing various animals and other shapes in clouds drifting through the sky?". The answer to that question is no, it's actually quite different. Animal and other cloud formations are simply random images that one pictures in their own mind. The Martian objects and structures on its surface are obviously artificial. Of course the question is who/what built them. Kind of like what another poster stated that he sees barking dogs and wizards on his Grandmother's floor. The similarity is, is that both his Grandmother's floor and the structures on Mars are both artificial. As more and more of the public become educated on the subject that we're not alone and that Mars has or had an intelligent civilization on its surface - those who have tried to keep this reality covered up will eventually fade away and the rest of humanity will have their eyes opened and realize that life is everywhere in the Universe.

  • Totally 5 years ago

    C'mon... we look at clouds and imagine seeing things too. Funny shaped mountains on Mars and a run-away imagination aren't valid evidence that there has been any intellegent life there.

  • MARK 5 years ago

    Hummm....wonder what NASA would say. The recent announcement (one day before Obama took office) that Mars is emitting large amounts of methane gas is probable evidence of organic lifeforms existing there. Apparently, those arm-chair skeptics who ignore the recent scientific data that Mars MAY harbor life, only hear what they want to - kinda like seeing shapes in the clouds. Laughter & ridicule are the only weapons of attack that these misinformed critics have against the overwhelming data that we are not alone. They hold on to their mideival misconceptions. News flash - the Earth is no longer flat, it is now round. The Sun is no longer a god, it is a star. The earth is no longer the only life harboring planet, the Universe is now highly populated.

  • Bullcrap 5 years ago

    This is such bullcrap. I have an open mind but this mars egyptian thing is far fetched. I would like to know how humans from earth survived on a planet that can not support human life and then all disappeared after they built pyramids. There is no oxygen on mars. There is radiation. i doubt space aliens used humans as slaves to build pyramids and they all of the sudden they gave up on us and left this part of space. where is the evidence? These photos look air brushed and fake. a barking dog? Please!!!

  • jack tripper 5 years ago

    i applaud you mr mark you are right on the money there. very well expressed sir.

    and mr micheal giger, are you serious. you sound possessed lol

  • Major Tom 5 years ago

    "The Martian objects and structures on its surface are obviously artificial."
    They could be anything-- shadows in sand. Ever seen the raw photographs? The so-called "Face on Mars" and surrounding "city" were photographed over 30 years ago. The processing and enhancement was crude, heavy-handed and creatively applied using the technology of that time. The raw photos look nothing like the finished ones Hoagland and group made careers out of. I'd really like to believe they are something special but they are probably natural in orgin.

  • timewaster 5 years ago

    you're a comedian or what?

  • james 5 years ago

    im sure we was never alone in this planet we are just renting space here till we return to where we came from we re just waiting for it to be rediscovered it was just forgotten like all other things we just keep finding things to break

  • Emily Cragg, webmaster 5 years ago

    Those may be the ancient rock structures; but there are also vine-greenhouses, palace ruins, military bases and rock-face apartment houses.

    If I can't produce links, what good is this after all?

  • Barney H. 5 years ago

    be careful not to turn wishful thinking into facts. the structures COULD be ancient artificial buildings, yeah, but they also could be non-artificial landmarks... remember: here on earth we have dozens of mountains, hills, coastlines etc. etc. looking like anything artificial. so: don't ruin the serious effort to uncover REAL mysteries or hidden secrets by overestimate "believing in..." . let's stay realistic, okay? and: please show us unmodified highest-res images! only those could be taken as serious reference material!

  • Barney H. 5 years ago

    OMG, you have a scientology ad on your blog here! shame on you.

  • zenpig 5 years ago

    wow, I have seen a lot of stupid things, but this takes the cake! Good God! is everyone retarted? take a class, read a real book, but please do not reproduce!

  • Sol 5 years ago

    Spend one week reviewing astronomical introduction's, paying especially close to comparative scale, and then ask yourself if disbelief, on any scale, is not only foolish, but the very epitome of ignorance itself. It's never a question of a thing, but simply our own observation of it. We should ask, "How could this be," rather than, "How is this impossible?"

  • Dr. Taam 5 years ago

    you do know that the human brain organizes things from chaos into something it can identify and relate to? look at a the bark on a tree for a few minutes... soon, a face or recognizable shape will appear. this is your brain trying to impose what it knows on something it does not know. this is why Michael Jackson's face has appeared in clouds and in tree stumps.

    NOW with that knowledge of how your brain works, please tell me again about the "faces" you see on Mars?

    People are sooooo desperate for evidence of some "other" that will somehow give them meaning to their pointless lives. It's really sad. The meaning to your lives is in your hands now, and it's up to you to do something about it. Stop looking for BVMs in tacos!

  • Ivo 5 years ago

    Who believes this nonsense!

  • sarah 5 years ago

    bitch i dont give a damn

  • sheriff_gauncent 5 years ago

    Come talk about it at You may even win cash and prizes!

  • mustache man 5 years ago

    this is why, i know it is, because it cant not be, so therefore it *must* be! ive taken pains to impel such connotations i cant believe the hurdles they must climb, its so apparent from looking at it thats its not as if its at question but its that its nothing of the sort until you realize its not intentional but is instead inescapable, so they must have left out the details. i ask because its not readily understood but is more misunderstood.

  • LoneQQwolf 5 years ago

    What one has to remember in life, is not everyone see's things the same.
    It's a shame that so many are missing so many wonders that Mars has to offer.
    My heart pounds and my hands shake everytime I find something.

    I am glad for myself that I can see these things, for I know the truth and do so believe that what I see is real.

    To those who can't see or those who don't want to believe, I feel sorry for you, as you are missing history in the making.

    Yes there was a past life on Mars and there is life there today, but not as how we look, but much much different.

    I have seen Humanoid, Animal, Insect and even Reptilians, yes my friends I am lucky to be able to see these wonders and sometimes I also wonder, why me.

    Why do I spend hours every night going over photo's inch by inch, searching looking hoping and then it's, hello there, got one. That's why I have found life.