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A new concept in selling trendy jeans

Jazzy jeans by Silver jeans
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With the debut of Silver Jeans co., in Woodfield, especially in the Chicagoland area this week, one might imagine that their concept is just another pair of jeans. That is definitely what one might expect to experience with this brand of jeans. With this tried and true company, however, these jeans may be the reliable kind of slacks that you have been wanting. Their jazzy signature pocket design, along with other finishing touches should make this the type of sizing that could help you to find jeans that fit, every time you need a pair, year round.

Comparing these slacks to Gloria Vanderbilt wouldn't be fair to either brand since each of the two brands has tried and true features. You are likely to find their sizing dependable, especially if you are looking for a good fit at the waist, hips and legs. When trying on only two pairs of jeans after being sized by one of the store clerks at the new Woodfield location, you could immediately find a pair that fits, if this is the right sizing for you. After having searched all over the place for a pair of trendy jeans that fit, you are likely to find the right sizing with Silver Jeans.

Look at what the model is wearing in the photograph and imagine that sleek look when you try on your choice of Silver Jeans co. slacks at their Woodfield store. You have color choices there, for a washed out look or a dark denim pair of slacks. Having said that, if you're looking for jeans that compete with other skinny jeans, with a "baby boot cut," please email here to respond here and tell your experience with them. Regarding whether you found Silver Jeans as useful as the model here discovered, with the right size and style, this columnist would like your feedback.

So, is this brand only found in the Chicago area? Unless you shop online, it appears that they are slowly establishing themselves at their Woodfield location right now. However, with their unique take on sizing and consistent quality, you may find them to be just what you are seeking. So try on a pair if you can get to their store and say what you think of them at the!

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