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A new concept for those non-cancellable hotel rooms

website of roomer
website of roomer
Courtesy Roomer

Roomer was built on a unique concept – why should people have to spend money on a hotel reservation they’re not even using? Roomer provides a solution in a way that is both helpful and trustworthy to all parties affected by these cancellations. Likened to the “StubHub” of the travel industry, the site serves as an online marketplace where people who need to cancel a trip anywhere in the world can connect with those looking to plan one, at a greatly reduced price.

To give you a brief background, in a market that sees $8.6 million wasted annually in non-refundable hotel room cancellations, Roomer is a safe and effective travel solution that, for the seller, greatly reduces the cost of these cancellations. In addition, Roomer enables hotels to keep their inventory occupied and generate additional revenue from these guests that would have been lost were the room to remain unused.

How it works: Say you have a hotel room reservation with a full cancellation fee of $500. You can post your reservation for sale on Roomer and set your own price. Even if you sell it for $250, you’re still making half of your money back. Or, if you’re looking to take a Summer Vacation at the last minute, you could be the lucky buyer who scores a great hotel room at a 50% discount. When you book a hotel room on Roomer, you’re not only getting the best price--you’re also helping someone out. Talk about good karma!