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A new children’s book: The Little Goat in Africa

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The Little Goat in Africa

Deborah Smith Ford’s newly released children’s book is the second book in the Allie’s Adventures series, called The Little Goat in Africa.
The book series is about adventures seen through the eyes of a child named Allie. In the series' second book, Allie continues her adventures by traveling from New York to Florida and then to Kenya, where she explores the country and helps her parents work as missionaries. Best of all, she goes on many adventures where she meets new friends and animals along the way. The new book is longer and richer in culture and description; it’s geared toward children ages 9-12. The detailed illustrations for both chapter books are drawn by illustrator Susi Galloway Newell.
Her first book in the series, The Little Apple, tells the story of a little girl living on an apple orchard. The book is inspired by the author’s upbringing on a farm, for children ages 3-6. It’s “a sneak peek at a child's perspective and personal feelings when it comes to family, friends, home, pets and farm life.”
The Little Apple includes small touches for young children, like a set of apples to count for each page number, and delicious apple recipes in the back––a fun activity for both parents and their kids.

Deborah Smith Ford has a background in the entertainment industry: in modeling, theater, and the acting world. She was raised on a farm in upstate New York and has spent most of her life in Southwestern Florida, where she attended college and raised a family. She is most active in a variety of roles for independent and feature films, celebrity look-alikes, television series, and commercials.
In recent years, Ford has turned to writing children’s books, and enjoys every bit of the process. She especially enjoys the opportunity to write for children. As they continue to read, they're free to discover their interests and passions.

The Little Apple has won eight awards; four of which include book festivals in Paris, New York City, San Francisco, and Hollywood.
She recently spoke at the Thomas Edison & Ford Estates in Fort Myers, Florida where she presented her books as part of an adventure camp program for children.
Deborah is currently on tour around the country, where she will be promoting the books at book fairs and festivals starting in September.

You can buy The Little Goat in Africa and The Little Apple on and Barnes and Noble.
The Little Apple is available as a paperback book or as an NOOK or Kindle eBook edition.
There’s also an accompanying music CD and audio edition of The Little Apple, available on iTunes.

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