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A new burger contest winner is crowned

Check out the winner!
Check out the winner!

Do you have what it takes to craft the next burger masterpieces? This year, Derrick Deal, a senior at Florida International University has claimed the title of burgermeister in Red Robin's Golden Robin burger recipe contest. The recipes were submitted a few weeks ago, so Red Robin could crown a victor prior to the Food Network's South Beach Wine & Food festival in Miami, beginning February 21st, which Red Robin sponsors in conjunction with FIU to bring people together over their common love for all things food, particularly burgers.

Derrick's winning creation was a Bubblin' Brown Sugar Bar-B-Que burger. Derrick personally candied the bacon with brown sugar, which he muses was the finishing touch which put him over the top. I had the privilege of speaking personally with this culinary mastermind. Derrick explained that he'd had a good deal of prior cooking experience, and most unexpectedly, that he loved burgers.

When asked where he would elect to eat, if he can successfully deflect the flurry of petitions from friends to make his instantly famous hit for them, Derrick says he opts for any place he can get a tasty burger. A true American. Since Red Robin falls into the casual dining rather than genuine fast food category, I pressed Derrick on which fast food chain would be his default. But as an unflappable fast food politician, Derrick refused to be pinned down. McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Jack in the Box – he loves them all. For chains perpetually searching for the next, newest thing, Derrick and Red Robin might be the model to follow.

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