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a new big game cartridge

The .416 Remington cartridge, necked up to accommodate .429 diameter bullets, would be a worthwhile new cartridge.
Loaded light, bullets for the .44 magnum could be used for practice,(bullets for the .44 actually measure .429), while heavier bullets of 300-450 grains would be adequate for hunting anything on this planet.
A 300-grain spitzer would have a velocity of around 3,000 FPS, giving it a relatively flat trajectory. The 450-grainer would have a velocity of around 2,400 FPS. This heavier bullet would have a sectional density of .35. The .458’s 500- grain bullets S.D. is .34 and that, along with its lower velocity, means it will penetrate less. The .416’s bullet, weighing 400-grains, does have a velocity of 2,400 FPS but its S.D. is .33. It will penetrate slightly less under the same conditions.
Now…if a firearms manufacturer would bring out a double in that caliber, that would really be something.


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