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A National Outrage: Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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When news broke of a 35 year old single mother of two children, a women who had been unemployed for such a long time got arrested for child endangerment has brought to light just how horrific conditions have deteriorated in this country. What we are talking about is lack of affordable day care, lack of employment opportunities, and the complete lack of emotional and monetary support for single mothers. Here is a women like millions all over the country trying to cope with the stress of feeding, taking care, and nurturing two young children with substandard means of supporting her family. This has to be a wake up call for all to understand just how difficult the times are today for millions of mothers, especially for single mothers all across the country. Sure this women made a bad decision which only escalated into vary dangerous territory especially for her children. But, the fact of the matter there are so many millions of single women here in America that are faced with the almost same set of circumstances that this women faced.

Living on Food Stamps with her unemployment benefits not being extended and with no other income this 35 year old women just happened to get lucky enough to be called into a job interview. With time running out on her unemployment this job interview was like a lifeline. The timing couldn't have been better. We all remember the movie "Home Alone" where a 8 year old was left to fend for himself with hilarious consequences for others. What turned out for this Phoenix women in the decision she made ended with an outcome that showcases just how difficult it is to make the right decision for her children and for herself. Businesses today continue to frown on children especially infants and those little ones coming into the workplace. With daycare not available because of the cost, couldn't find a baby sitter at the last moment and facing a once in a lifetime chance to grab a job that pays what would you do in a situation like hers? Many would have done just what she did, pack up the kids into the car and hope the interview was short and sweet.

Let's consider the consequences of her actions and the decisions this single mother of two made. Leaving her children in the car while going into that interview was the wrong decision. Granted that, but, let us not be swayed by that fact alone. Today's business climate is not like it is in Europe or other countries that have made child care a prime concern for employees. Too many companies in the United States don't, won't and will not accommodate any form of child care as a condition of employment. As a consequence of this it is most often when it comes to hiring especially women who have young children are very often either not hired, or if hired have to miss work in the event that their child becomes sick because daycare's will not keep any child who becomes ill. Therefore, in so many instances women have become less likely to be hired, more often quickly terminated, or just won't get promoted just because of the fact that they have children. That is the reality in today's business world in the United States. Sure, there are a few companies that go out of their way to incorporate child care as a prime focal point to lure qualified applicants. But, those positions remain very scarce.

When a sudden chance to finally break away from the dependency of governmental assistance this women had really no options available. Combined with the continued stress of not having enough of the financial means of child raising she made the decision that will undoubtedly cost the tax payer more money in the long run. Not only that, the chances this women will ever get a job interview let alone a job is now so remote welfare and food assistance will be her only options for a very long time. Compounding all of this is the fact that the children now are in the hands of the states welfare system. The emotional stress of the children without their mother is something that continues to be overlooked. The state now picks up the tab of raising and placing these children in foster care until such a time when the state deems this women is fit and capable of raising her own children. A monumental task considering the deck is already stacked against this mother.

This 35-year-old Phoenix woman who had, what was to her a life changing job interview last month at an insurance company across town in Scottsdale, but couldn't find a babysitter for her 2-year-old son and 6-month old baby is an American tragedy. It underscores the plight of millions that are struggling each and every day to find ways of bettering themselves but are up against almost insurmountable odds. She made a bad choice there is no denying that, but the fact is, she was focused on trying to get off the yolk of stigmatism that people on governmental assistance are associate with. Too many, especially Republicans seem to think anyone on food stamps and unemployment are leaches just mooching off the government when there are so many that are actually trying to find better ways of being self supportive but can't.

If the state prosecutes this women and condemns her to suffer more harsh repercussions of this one inappropriate decision, the tax payer will suffer as well. We would be wise to use this instance and the fact that many now are starting to realize just how insane our business climate is and the way many single mothers are perceived here in the United States. This, compared with other countries and the few businesses here that make it a very desirable proponent to incorporate child care as an incentive. An incentive to attract perspective employees and to retain those who are already employed. In the end so much of emotional toll that it takes on single mothers, fathers, and parents who are caught between this rock and a hard place would be negated. The monetary savings alone for business and government would be tremendous.


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