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A nation in turmoil

It might seem like a cliche but the reality is America is a nation in turmoil.

A nation in turmoil
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In my last Christianity article, “Pray like never before”, it was noted that “The reality (about America) is however; our nation has never been more divided.

Most politicians (from both parties), political pundits and religious leaders alike agree that America has not seen the likes of such division since before the Civil War.

As the 2014 mid-term elections get closer, it is evident that corruption, dirty tricks and lying will be at the forefront of the political setting.

For many, it might seem like this is nothing new and it probably isn't.

But certainly the intensity of such is setting up to be like nothing we've ever seen before.

Americans are fed up with politicians offering themselves as something they’re not while the mainstream media stands ready to pick and choose who they consider is actually worthy to run and be elected.

As a result of the past two national elections of 2008 and 2012, Americans have seen their views distorted by the mainstream media and both parties.

Both conservatives and liberals are frustrated and the nation is in a state of turmoil, the likes of which our nation has not seen.

As some historians and political pundits have noted, at least prior to and during the Civil War, the line was drawn and most people knew where they stood; today that simply isn't the case.

With instant news, poling and videos, the media, lobbyist and political spinners use every opportunity to distort facts, spread unsubstantiated rumor and ultimately confuse the general public.

Politicians from both parties seem to be inconsistent on almost every issue.

Our president has openly admitted changing his mind and position on every major issue imaginable.

He was first against using his Affordable Health Care act as a tax, until it looked as though it would fail; then the Supreme Court ruled it was a tax, so the president's counsel subsequently agreed in order to continue the march forward on Obama-care.

He was originally pro traditional marriage until poling showed he was losing support from the gay community; now he says he is for same sex marriage.

Now that it looks as though Hillary Clinton will take one final run for the Presidency, she has begun changing her political views all over the political spectrum from her 2008 run; all the while her political spin masters are working with ultra-fast speed to try and remove her from any responsibility for or relation to the Benghazi massacre.

It is both pitiful and frankly disgraceful for our politicians, their advisers and spin masters to attempt any sway of the American people with lies, excuses and dismissals of what they call, “unimportant” or “insignificant”.

Added to all of this is the fact that spiritually and religiously, America has never been in such a mess.

Christians are split over issues which a decade ago they would have stood hand in hand in agreement; a list too long to mention here but which will be discussed in an upcoming article in my Christianity Examiner column.

The same is true within almost every other facet of our society.

There are openly expressed frustrations over the first and second amendments of the constitution and even those who question whether the constitution should any longer be the basis for our nation’s laws.

Even justices of the Supreme Court have begun utilizing legal opinions from judges of other western nations in their decision making.

The nation is fed up and frustrated; many wonder when the frustration will end?

Some comments on the internet are frightening; everything from states threatening to secede to the reverse with articles being written in favor of a federal takeover of everything.

It is only when a nation gets to this point that its future course begins to look uncertain.

America is primed and ready for what appears to be a disastrous future; either one of rebellion and anarchy or dictatorial rule.

At present, it appears the latter will be the unfortunate course; as American freedoms, liberties and privacy are dismantled while many Americans are voluntarily giving them all up.

Americans are being convinced by their government this is a necessary evil; of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

There is however another possibility; the ability to correct our course.

We can change things and change our future as a nation.

Certainly if President Obama and his administration taught us anything it is that America can be changed; even if for the worst.

But unlike the leftist, liberal agenda promoted by the Obama White House, Americans can truly seek a more middle of road, common sense and down to Earth approach which hasn't been tried or seen in at least three decades.

In essence, America’s turmoil is internal.

As a nation, we must examine our national heart and change from within; if we don’t we will continue to be changed and degraded until nothing is left.

© 2014 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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