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A nation that looks forward, a new way of looking at hard work

Our president, in the SOTU speech, repeatedly referred to 'hard work;' 'working hard,'... 'gotta be willing to work hard.' Don't get me wrong I totally understand putting in full energy into a work project, but it really isn't 'hard work' if you love what you are doing. That is where I feel, as a nation, we need to make a change to uplift the spirits of our collective existence.

The phrase 'hard work' can take away the joy that can be found doing the things that you love, while supporting self and family. There is no good reason to require suffering to be a good citizen! When able to work in field, or factory, using training you have enjoyed learning, and a career that utilizes that, along with your innate abilities ... is almost heaven, and of course the country benefits. People in general are not lazy, they are just misplaced, and without opportunity.

That can be changed.

This attitude needs to change. Work that is suited to an individual's natural innate abilities and training is not hard. It can be incredibly challenging. It can also be exceptionally fulfilling. All people need something to do! Something to occupy their time. No reason not to take advantage of innate abilities, successful training; the combining of love of what you do, along with the rewards to support life.

Americans, or any other humans, should not have to toil away their life in the drudgery of 'hard work' to take care of selves or families.

Hopefully all the new technologies coming down the pipe of the future can be made to serve us, so nobody has to work hard at something they don't love doing. Where does it say humans must suffer through life to get anywhere?

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