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A must do it Ice Cream month

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Ice cream is most everyone favorite with there being a variety of so many flavors available and along with so many brands now to pick from. There are brands that are loaded in ingredients and brands that list just three ingredients, keeping it as natural as possible. One can have enthusiasm this month in El Paso, TX with it being a great time to be able to celebrate the Ice Cream month, with the weather permitting it, with the extra hot days and dry climate. There are many ice cream parlor around town like "Cold Stone Creamery" to just to name a few ice cream parlors or stores where it is accessible to go and buy the containers most liked.

Ice cream can be eaten in many ways from smashing it between two cookies and making a ice cream cookie sandwiches. To a ice cream sundae with added bananas and cherries. To an old fashioned ice cream float. To just ice cream in many ways. And not to forget the style of ice cream basically in a bowl, keeping it simple.
Keeping it cold and frozen will be a challenge in the three digit temperatures, so most likely buying it early in the day can eliminate the melting process a bit.

It is suggested, to enjoy some ice cream especially during the month of July, the time it celebrated . Everyone can get involved.

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