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A motivational book that teaches you how to live a life of purpose

Live Out Loud

Today, many people are not satisfied with their lives even if they have great careers and amazing families that love and support them. When you have a job you adore and when you earn enough to provide your children with everything they need, you cannot complain that there’s something missing. Or, can you? We are so busy and caught up in our daily routine that we fail to see that we’re not actually enjoying life. We simply do what people around us expect us to do, and we don’t even take a step back and ask ourselves if we truly feel alive and full of purpose.

Melisa Alaba has written her book, ‘Live Out Loud’, to help people see their lives can be different. They can have a life full of peace, balance, and purpose, and really feel that they are aware of everything around them. When material things don’t satisfy us anymore, what we have to do is look inside us and discover who we truly are and how we were created to live.

Like many people today, Melisa Alaba had a perfect career and an amazing family. Unfortunately, she was so involved in her job that she rarely found time to spend with her children. A car accident changed her life, when she had to give up her career because she couldn’t go to the office anymore. Her back was so seriously injured that her only chance was to turn to prayer and meditation, and hope that God would heal her. When she was completely recovered, she knew that she had to share her experience with as many people as possible, so she wrote ‘Live Out Loud’, a guide that can help anyone reawaken their spirit and start living a life of purpose.

This is an inspiring and motivational book that can change many people’s lives. All they have to do is apply the author’s advice and do the mindful exercises she suggests in each chapter. The guide is divided into 52 chapters that are correlated to the 52 weeks of the year. Melisa Alaba has identified 11 principles that can help anyone reach true happiness and a sense of achievement: abundance, acceptance, balance, commitment, connection, discovery, forgiveness, giving, gratitude, organization, and purpose. By doing the exercises presented in this book, you start adopting these key concepts that will slowly change your life completely, making you more aware of the unique things and people that surround you.

‘Live Out Loud’ is the book you need if you find yourself in a difficult situation when you’re not sure what you should do and what path to take. Melisa Alaba will guide you to a life full of purpose and awareness with the help of her exercises and the biblical principles they are based on.

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