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A motherhood resolution: enjoy more family time

Mom and daughter
Mom and daughter
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Spend more time with family is a common New Year‘s resolution. This one tends to end up on the list each year for people, even those without kids. Family is absolutely the most important thing for us.

When we enter motherhood, we take on a whole new meaning and priority in life. In modern times, mothers tend to take on a lot more stuff in their daily grind in order to give their best for their families. Mothers are in the workforce daily and this can sometimes lead to the feeling that they are not spending enough time or as much time as they would like to with their children and/or the rest of their family.

After making your resolution, it’s time to put together a plan to help you achieve your goal. So using the above as an example, lets put a list together to move us towards our goal of spending more time with family.

  1. Make it a habit of eating dinner at the same table each evening. During this time, you could set certain guidelines like no phone calls and no T.V. while seated for dinner. It’d give you time to catch up on everyone’s day and relieve some distractions so that you can focus on what everyone has to say.
  2. Set aside 15 minutes to read with your kids. This works best for younger kids that will love to have a ritual made of reading a bedtime story before sleep during the week. For older kids, you might try discussing at least one thing they’ve read that day whether at school, on the internet, in the news, or maybe from a good book.
  3. Take a walk with your family after dinner. This works well on three different ways, you spend family time together, your kids learn a healthy habit, and you can also get the health benefits of walking.
  4. Limit your kids’ T.V. watching time. This will open up the possibility of everyone doing something healthier together, like taking a bike ride or another outdoor activity. As a bonus you could all choose something that your family can watch together.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Try one or think up one that is reasonable for your family and go for it! What is your new year’s resolution as a parent and how is the progress going?


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