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A Mother’s Way: Why Mother’s Do the Things they do

"Little girls learn to become good mothers by playing with dolls!"
"Little girls learn to become good mothers by playing with dolls!"
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The stores in America will be jammed over the next few days with folks scurrying around looking for just the right gift for their Mother.

It is easy to buy for some mothers - a gift that she will cherish; but sadly there will be some who will smile and say in the back of their heads, “What were they thinking?”

But Mothers are used to rolling with the punches and if their children or grown or nearly grown, they have many such days to look back on that earned them the recognition they will receive Sunday May 11, 2014. But if you are a new mother you will identify with this article I wrote nearly ten years ago to give to every mother in our family.

Writing over the years, this writer has collected many e-mails, articles, as well as having written many articles herself. This is a composition of many of those gleanings. Nothing tells a mother how much she is appreciated more than putting it into words; either verbally, in an e-mail, or a handwritten note. While “store bought cards” are so beautiful – and expensive – it is still those words that you hand write inside from your heart that means so much to her. Mother’s just wanna be appreciated.

This tribute is for all mothers who chose life and gave birth and kept their babies; and this is for all those mothers who chose life in a difficult situation and gave birth so that their child would have life and gave them up for adoption so that they could have a better life.

This is for all those aunts, friends, sisters who never gave birth, but were mothers nonetheless to children who needed someone in their life. This is for all those fathers who had to be both father and mother. This is for all those mothers who are in heavenly rest!

We thank you and honor you for all the nights you sat with sick toddlers holding their heads while they barfed popcorn, cotton candy, and soda after a trip to the zoo; and for those tub baths to get those fevers down and for all those trips to the doctor and dentist. We salute all of you who sat upright all night holding a sick child or who walked the floor with a hurting child; and for all those monsters chased from underneath the bed.

And for all those emergencies like cuts, bruises, choking, broken bones, and appendicitis; hurt feelings, bad grades, and “mean” old teachers who didn’t like their child (at least from the child’s point of view); to all those interventions with the school bully; lost lunch money, lost jackets, lost friends, a lost grandparent, and lost spirits, we hail you mothers who are brave and hearty under fire while falling apart inside.

We admire all those working mothers who show up with spit-up on their shoulder, baby food stains and baby power on their new black suits. All the teachers of the world rise up and called “Blessed’ are the mothers who potty trained their child and taught them to dress and undress themselves and tie their shoes before entering kindergarten.

For all you football Moms, soccer Moms and baseball Moms who sit in the scorching sun, in pouring rain or freezing temperatures to urge their children on to victory – if not on the scoreboard – in their hearts - and for all those mothers who can convince their child that losing is not the end of the world – we thank you

We honor all those chauffeurs dressed like Moms, who run from ballet, to piano, to tennis to drama and to the grocery store in one afternoon. We reverence all those Mothers who know that religious education is as important as academic education.

And for all those mothers who have called out thousands of spelling words, deciphered hundreds of word problems, made papier-mâché projects or volcanoes out of salt, clay, vinegar and soda, we applaud your patience and creative skills.

This is for all those mothers who smack their kids on the bottom for misbehaving in public, and who otherwise praise them to all who will listen. This tribute is for all those Moms who hug their children everyday and tell them how much they are loved by all the little things she does like cutting their peanut butter sandwiches into heart shapes; writing, “I love You” or “Good luck on your test” on their napkins in their lunch boxes.

We esteem all those mothers who took difficult situations into stride but always let their child know that no matter what - there was nothing he/she could ever do to lessen her love. We admire all the mothers who, after a harried day take the time to tuck their children into bed, listen to their prayers and read the same bedtime story over and over.

We understand all the fears of mothers when their teens begin to drive, date, go to the prom, or begin making independent decisions like dying their hair purple, piercing their belly buttons, or hanging out with a boyfriend/girlfriend who is a smuck.

We understand all the struggles of getting them to pick up their clothes, clean their rooms, do their homework and chores and all the battles that ensues. We grieve with all the mothers whose children have gone astray and wait and pray that they will find their way.

What makes a good mother? A heart of cotton; a mind like a steel trap; listening ears; eyes in the back of her head; feet that can go anywhere; the patience of Job, the abilities of judge, jury, and prosecutor; the memory of a computer; the faith of a Saint; the flexibility of a pretzel; the endurance of a marathon runner; and the talents of an accountant, of a teacher, of a baker, of a nurse, of a dietitian, the compassion of a Priest and the discernment of a physiologist. She has to have the ability to change a diaper, talk on the telephone, cook dinner, and do homework all at the same time.

And to those mothers who put Christmas trees and balloons on their child’s grave and to mothers who children were victims or victimizers of violence; to those mothers who have stepped up to the plate to care for mentally or physically challenged children, and those grandmothers who have had to forgo their dreams of retirement to raise another family - we stand in amazement at you.

To all mothers everywhere tall, small, blond, brunette or gray; to all mothers who work, stay at home, home school or carpool; to all mothers who are young, old, who are in between, to mothers who are single, married, or divorced we honor you on your special day.

We hold you in the highest esteem and revere your name and your sacrifice; we love you for all that you have done and continue to do. Small children may not understand now just how much you mean to them but one day they will; just as the gentlemen in the poem below.

“When Daddy carved our Christmas bird; and asked us each what we preferred;

As sure as summer follows spring, Came Mama’s, “Please, I’ll take the wing.”

We children never wondered why she did not sometimes take a thigh

or choose a drumstick or a breast. We thought… she liked a wing the best.

She said it with such an easy voice; it seemed so certainly her choice…

I was a man before I knew…….. why mothers do the things they do.

Richard Armour

Take great pride in who you are, what you have done, and what you have accomplished!

Take the time to day to reflect on all the things that mothers do and honor your Mother here or on the other side. No matter who comes and goes in your life; you will only have one mother – you are here because she chose life. Choose today to honor her every day for that… if nothing else.

Why do Mother’s do the things they do…..Because of you…Because she loves you. Love her back... that is all she really wants for Mother’s Day.

If your Mother has already gone to glory, there are plenty of lonely Mothers still here – find one and love her as your own.

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